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Baby names starting with letter V

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vachana (Girl)    Meaning : promise
  -Submitted by: chanti
vagdevi (Girl)    Meaning : saraswati devi
  -Submitted by: sailaja
vagmi (Girl)    Meaning : great orator
  -Submitted by: Gayatri
Vahani (Girl)    Meaning : Which passes throw it
  -Submitted by:
vahini (Girl)    Meaning : vahini
  -Submitted by: srinivs
vaibavi (Girl)    Meaning : vaibavi
  -Submitted by: swapna praneeth
Vaidehi (Girl)    Meaning : Sita
  -Submitted by: Vineela
vaijayanthi (Girl)    Meaning : vaijayanthi
  -Submitted by: padhma
vainavi (Girl)    Meaning : gold
  -Submitted by: kamala
vaishali (Girl)    Meaning : name of an ancient kingdom
  -Submitted by: geetika
Vaishnavi (Girl)    Meaning : Vaishnavi
  -Submitted by: Siri
vaishno (Girl)    Meaning : goddess name
  -Submitted by: satya
vaishnodevi (Girl)    Meaning : vaishnodevi
  -Submitted by: vinaykumar
vaitarani (Girl)    Meaning : vaitarani
  -Submitted by: sireesha
Vaividya (Girl)    Meaning : special
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
vajrini (Girl)    Meaning : shines like diamond
  -Submitted by: Lalitha
Vakula (Girl)    Meaning : Vakula
  -Submitted by: Siri
Vakulasree (Girl)    Meaning : foster mother of LORD sri venkateshwara
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Vallani (Girl)    Meaning : Vallani
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
valli (Girl)    Meaning : valli
  -Submitted by: shilpa
Vallika (Girl)    Meaning : Vallika
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Vamshadhara (Girl)    Meaning : river"s name in AP
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
vamsilatha (Girl)    Meaning : krishna
  -Submitted by: sowmya
van-shika (Girl)    Meaning : flute
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
vanaja (Girl)    Meaning : vanaja
  -Submitted by: rk
vanamala (Girl)    Meaning : vanamala
  -Submitted by: chintu
vandana (Girl)    Meaning : vandanamulu
  -Submitted by: vandana
Vaneesha (Girl)    Meaning : Vaneesha
  -Submitted by: Ramya
vani (Girl)    Meaning : vani
  -Submitted by: vinil
Vanita (Girl)    Meaning : Vanita
  -Submitted by: Vanita
vanitha (Girl)    Meaning : women
  -Submitted by: vanitha
vanshita (Girl)    Meaning : vanshita
  -Submitted by: vanshita
vanshya (Girl)    Meaning : vanshya
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
vanusha (Girl)    Meaning : goddess
  -Submitted by: swapna
vanushna (Girl)    Meaning : goddess
  -Submitted by: swapna
vanya (Girl)    Meaning : vanya
  -Submitted by: anu
vara lakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : vara lakshmi
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
varanya (Girl)    Meaning : varanya
  -Submitted by: jyothi
varenya (Girl)    Meaning : gayatrimantramlodi
  -Submitted by: laxmipingali
varenyaa (Girl)    Meaning : varenyaa
  -Submitted by: umesh
varija (Girl)    Meaning : floating lotus
  -Submitted by: latha
varna (Girl)    Meaning : varna
  -Submitted by: surekha
Varnika (Girl)    Meaning : Varnika
  -Submitted by: SSS
varsh (Girl)    Meaning : varsh
  -Submitted by: shailu
Varsha (Girl)    Meaning : Varsha
  -Submitted by: Yogitha
Varshika (Girl)    Meaning : rain
  -Submitted by: Venkat
varshini (Girl)    Meaning : varshini
  -Submitted by: varshini
varshita (Girl)    Meaning : raining
  -Submitted by: Silpa
varshitha (Girl)    Meaning : varshitha
  -Submitted by: Pardhasaradhi
Varsitha (Girl)    Meaning : god
  -Submitted by: shiva
Varuna (Girl)    Meaning : Rain
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Varuni (Girl)    Meaning : godess of rain
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
varunika (Girl)    Meaning : rain
  -Submitted by: sreelaxmi
vasantha (Girl)    Meaning : vasantha
  -Submitted by: vasantha
Vasanthi (Girl)    Meaning : Godess
  -Submitted by: Padma
Vasavi (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Kanyakaparameswari
  -Submitted by: Padma
vasudha (Girl)    Meaning : vasu
  -Submitted by: venu naik
Vasuki (Girl)    Meaning : Vasuki
  -Submitted by: Nag
Vasuma (Girl)    Meaning : Vasuma
  -Submitted by: Anjana
Vasundhara (Girl)    Meaning : Bhudevi
  -Submitted by: karunakar
veda (Girl)    Meaning : vedalu
  -Submitted by: pinisetty
veda sri (Girl)    Meaning : veda sri
  -Submitted by: manasa
veda varshita (Girl)    Meaning : veda varshita
  -Submitted by: bharat chandra
Vedavathi (Girl)    Meaning : Sita
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
vedhika (Girl)    Meaning : vedhika
  -Submitted by: shilpa
vedika (Girl)    Meaning : vedika
  -Submitted by: bcd
veechika (Girl)    Meaning : veechika
  -Submitted by: swathi
veeha (Girl)    Meaning : veeha
  -Submitted by: swathi
veeksha (Girl)    Meaning : veeksha
  -Submitted by: suryatej
veena (Girl)    Meaning : veena
  -Submitted by: venkatesh
veena dhari (Girl)    Meaning : saraswathi
  -Submitted by: mona
veena vahini (Girl)    Meaning : sarasvaati
  -Submitted by: Ranga Rao.K
veera (Girl)    Meaning : veera
  -Submitted by: prasanna
vega (Girl)    Meaning : brightest star
  -Submitted by: padma
Venisha (Girl)    Meaning : Dedication
  -Submitted by: dinesh
venkata sunanda (Girl)    Meaning : venkata sunanda
  -Submitted by: sunanda
vennala (Girl)    Meaning : means moon light
  -Submitted by: L.SIRI VENNALA
Vennela (Girl)    Meaning : vennala
  -Submitted by: sahithi reddy
venny (Girl)    Meaning : moon light
  -Submitted by: suvarna
venuhya (Girl)    Meaning : venuhya
  -Submitted by: kavya reddy
venya (Girl)    Meaning : venya
  -Submitted by: kavya reddy
veronica (Girl)    Meaning : which brings victory
  -Submitted by: surekha
vibha (Girl)    Meaning : name of the star
  -Submitted by: veenasudhakar
vibhakshari (Girl)    Meaning : vibhakshari
  -Submitted by: swanand
vibhasri (Girl)    Meaning : godess of health
  -Submitted by: swapnasidhi
vibhavasri (Girl)    Meaning : godess of health
  -Submitted by: swapnasidhi
Vibhuti (Girl)    Meaning : great personality
  -Submitted by: Sailaja
vichithra (Girl)    Meaning : Wonder
  -Submitted by: Venu
Vichitra (Girl)    Meaning : different
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
videha (Girl)    Meaning : videha
  -Submitted by: sireesha
vidhula (Girl)    Meaning : vidhula
  -Submitted by: vani
vidhun (Girl)    Meaning : vidhun
  -Submitted by: swapna
Vidisha (Girl)    Meaning : A Place In MP
  -Submitted by: NVN999
Vidushi (Girl)    Meaning : very much talented in everything
  -Submitted by: Lakshmi
vidya (Girl)    Meaning : vidya
  -Submitted by: nagesh
Vidyadhari (Girl)    Meaning : saraswathi devi
  -Submitted by: sp
Vidyu (Girl)    Meaning : Vidyu
  -Submitted by: Vidyulatha
vidyu llatha (Girl)    Meaning : meruputheega
  -Submitted by: lalli
Vidyulatha (Girl)    Meaning : Vidyulatha
  -Submitted by: Vidyulatha
vigna (Girl)    Meaning : vigna
  -Submitted by: anu
vignatha (Girl)    Meaning : vignanam
  -Submitted by: AP
vijaya (Girl)    Meaning : vijaya
  -Submitted by: ramya
vijaya lakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : success
  -Submitted by: vijaya lakshmi
vijayalaxmi (Girl)    Meaning : goddess lakmi
  -Submitted by: shyam
VIJETHA (Girl)    Meaning : WINNER
  -Submitted by: V
vijitha (Girl)    Meaning : vijitha
  -Submitted by: deepthi
vikasna (Girl)    Meaning : smile
  -Submitted by: jyothsna
vikranti (Girl)    Meaning : vikranti
  -Submitted by: venkatesh
vimala (Girl)    Meaning : vimala
  -Submitted by: vijaya
vimudha (Girl)    Meaning : vimudha
  -Submitted by: malathi
Vinaya Keerthi (Girl)    Meaning : Politeness
  -Submitted by: Anitha Srinivas
vindhya (Girl)    Meaning : vindhya
  -Submitted by: sireesha
vindhyanidhi (Girl)    Meaning : wealth
  -Submitted by: suvarshika.n
vindyasree (Girl)    Meaning : new
  -Submitted by: sunil
vineela (Girl)    Meaning : vineela
  -Submitted by: teju
Vineeta (Girl)    Meaning : Humble
  -Submitted by: Naveen
vinika (Girl)    Meaning : vinika
  -Submitted by: neharka
vinisha (Girl)    Meaning : Butterfly
  -Submitted by: Leela Gode
vinitha (Girl)    Meaning : Humble
  -Submitted by: vivek jilla
Vinmayi (Girl)    Meaning : Vinmayi
  -Submitted by: Sivakumar
vinodhini (Girl)    Meaning : vinodhini
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
Vinoothna (Girl)    Meaning : New
  -Submitted by: RamSravanthi
Vipula (Girl)    Meaning : Detailed
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Viraja (Girl)    Meaning : Viraja
  -Submitted by: goddess
viranica (Girl)    Meaning : viranica
  -Submitted by: surekha
VISALA (Girl)    Meaning : GODDESS NAME
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
vishala (Girl)    Meaning : vishala
  -Submitted by: siri
Vishalakshi (Girl)    Meaning : The one with Big Eyes
  -Submitted by: Vineela.
vishali (Girl)    Meaning : vishali
  -Submitted by: keerthi
vishista (Girl)    Meaning : wonderful
  -Submitted by: kvanayudu
vishlesha (Girl)    Meaning : explanation or clarification
  -Submitted by: srujana
vishnupriya (Girl)    Meaning : vishnupriya
  -Submitted by: priya
vishrutha (Girl)    Meaning : vishrutha
  -Submitted by: kavithareddy
Vishruti (Girl)    Meaning : Vishruti
  -Submitted by: Kalpesh
vishwaja (Girl)    Meaning : vishwaja
  -Submitted by: skumar
visishta (Girl)    Meaning : special
  -Submitted by: vennela
vismaya (Girl)    Meaning : manchi manasu
  -Submitted by: AP
vismita (Girl)    Meaning : surprise
  -Submitted by: krishnasri
viswaja (Girl)    Meaning : whole world
  -Submitted by: sindhu viswaja
vivakita (Girl)    Meaning : vivakita
  -Submitted by: arunaramaraj
viveka (Girl)    Meaning : clever
  -Submitted by: sirisha
viviktha (Girl)    Meaning : who stands alone
  -Submitted by: Gayatri
vrindha (Girl)    Meaning : (vrindha)
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
vritika (Girl)    Meaning : thought
  -Submitted by: abi
vrushalini (Girl)    Meaning : godess seetha
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
vujwala (Girl)    Meaning : kanthi
  -Submitted by: sumana
vyoma (Girl)    Meaning : universe
  -Submitted by: B.Swetha Reddy
vyshnavi (Girl)    Meaning : goddess
  -Submitted by: sindhu
Vyshno Aradya (Girl)    Meaning : Devotee of Vyshnavi amma
  -Submitted by: Jag
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