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Baby names starting with letter S

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saadhana (Girl)    Meaning : saadhana
  -Submitted by: hari
saadweik reddy (Girl)    Meaning : saadweik reddy
  -Submitted by: vinil
saahithi (Girl)    Meaning : saahithi
  -Submitted by: sailaja
saahitya (Girl)    Meaning : saahitya
  -Submitted by: Nandan
  -Submitted by: sudhish kumar
  -Submitted by: USHA
Saankari (Girl)    Meaning : Wife of Lord Siva
  -Submitted by: Valli
saanvi (Girl)    Meaning : goddess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: shilpa
saaravani (Girl)    Meaning : saaravani
  -Submitted by: madhu
Saarvani (Girl)    Meaning : Lalitha Devi
  -Submitted by: Valli
saatwika (Girl)    Meaning : neemmmadasturalu
  -Submitted by: sucharita
saawarya (Girl)    Meaning : saawarya
  -Submitted by: saawarya
sabarisha (Girl)    Meaning : sabari god
  -Submitted by: chaitanya
sabitha (Girl)    Meaning : sabitha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
sachita (Girl)    Meaning : sachita
  -Submitted by: sudhir
sadhana (Girl)    Meaning : studious
  -Submitted by: shankar
sadhghi (Girl)    Meaning : having clean and good heart
  -Submitted by: prasanna
Sadhika (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Durga
  -Submitted by: Srividya
sadikarehman (Girl)    Meaning : gopikrishna
  -Submitted by: medaboina
sagarika (Girl)    Meaning : sea
  -Submitted by: sucharita
sahaithi (Girl)    Meaning : sahaithi
  -Submitted by: sahithi
Sahaja (Girl)    Meaning : sahaja
  -Submitted by: sahithi reddy
sahana (Girl)    Meaning : one of the ragas name and patience
  -Submitted by: shobha
sahara (Girl)    Meaning : saas
  -Submitted by: raju
sahasra (Girl)    Meaning : strength,goddesses
  -Submitted by: Haritha
  -Submitted by: YSR
sahith (Girl)    Meaning : dono ples tell me
  -Submitted by: sanjay
sahitha (Girl)    Meaning : sahitha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
sahithi (Girl)    Meaning : sahithi
  -Submitted by: deepthi
sahiti (Girl)    Meaning : sahiti
  -Submitted by: harika
sahya (Girl)    Meaning : sahya
  -Submitted by: sahya
sai (Girl)    Meaning : Talented
  -Submitted by: janaka
sai akhil (Girl)    Meaning : sai akhil
  -Submitted by: rajesh
Sai Ambica (Girl)    Meaning : LordSai and Ambica
  -Submitted by: SRIRAM AKONDI
Sai Darshni (Girl)    Meaning : Sai Means Saibaba Darshni means one who sees
  -Submitted by: Leela
sai deepthi (Girl)    Meaning : sai deepthi
  -Submitted by: lakshmi shankar
Sai Durga Pavani (Girl)    Meaning : attraction
  -Submitted by: Thiru Sri
sai lasya (Girl)    Meaning : lasya- dance by parvathi devi
  -Submitted by: prasanthi
sai lekhana (Girl)    Meaning : sai lekhana
  -Submitted by: brahmaji
sai nikitha (Girl)    Meaning : good girl
  -Submitted by: krishna
sai priya (Girl)    Meaning : sai priya
  -Submitted by: ramesh
sai srujana (Girl)    Meaning : creation by sai baba
  -Submitted by: radhika
sai sudeera reddy (Girl)    Meaning : sai sudeera reddy
  -Submitted by: s.s.n.reddy
sai tejeswini (Girl)    Meaning : sai tejeswini
  -Submitted by: prakash
  -Submitted by: SIRISHA
saikya (Girl)    Meaning : saikya
  -Submitted by: sudha Ramesh
Sailahari (Girl)    Meaning : Sai for Saibaba and Lahari for music
  -Submitted by: Sasipriya
sailaja (Girl)    Meaning : sailaja
  -Submitted by: veena
saimala (Girl)    Meaning : The garland in the neck of God - Sai Baba
  -Submitted by: Sai Mala
Saina (Girl)    Meaning : Princess
  -Submitted by: Suhasini
saisahasra (Girl)    Meaning : saisahasra
  -Submitted by: Narendra
saisindhu (Girl)    Meaning : saisindhu
  -Submitted by: anu
saitulasi (Girl)    Meaning : saitulasi
  -Submitted by: saitulasi
sakethi (Girl)    Meaning : sakethi
  -Submitted by: sunithashashy
sakina (Girl)    Meaning : sakina
  -Submitted by: Manjulamanas
sakruthi (Girl)    Meaning : well cultured
  -Submitted by: prabhakar.sharu
sakshavalli (Girl)    Meaning : witness
  -Submitted by: surekha
sakshi (Girl)    Meaning : sakshi
  -Submitted by: sunil
sakshitha (Girl)    Meaning : witness
  -Submitted by: surekha
sakya (Girl)    Meaning : sakya
  -Submitted by: kishore
saloni (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: shwetha amarnath
Sama (Girl)    Meaning : Equal
  -Submitted by: HimaBindu
  -Submitted by: VENKAT
samantha (Girl)    Meaning : samantha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
samanvi (Girl)    Meaning : samanvi
  -Submitted by: usha
samanvita (Girl)    Meaning : samanvita
  -Submitted by: kavitha
samanvitha (Girl)    Meaning : samanvitha
  -Submitted by: kavitha
samatha (Girl)    Meaning : equal
  -Submitted by: Sangam Satish Kumar
samay (Girl)    Meaning : time
  -Submitted by: neethi
samaya (Girl)    Meaning : with time...
  -Submitted by: sindura
Sambhavi (Girl)    Meaning : Parvathi
  -Submitted by: Valli
Sameena (Girl)    Meaning : Happy
  -Submitted by: Srividya
sameera (Girl)    Meaning : cool breeze
  -Submitted by: sowmya
sameeraja (Girl)    Meaning : sameeraja
  -Submitted by: srilakshmi
sameksha (Girl)    Meaning : sameksha
  -Submitted by: fgfgfyy
samhika (Girl)    Meaning : very soft
  -Submitted by: ramani
samhita (Girl)    Meaning : samhita
  -Submitted by: neelu
samhitha (Girl)    Meaning : samhitha
  -Submitted by: nagamani
samiksha (Girl)    Meaning : samiksha
  -Submitted by: sree
samira (Girl)    Meaning : Hanuman,lord shiva and also lakshmi devi
  -Submitted by: madhu
Samithi (Girl)    Meaning : unity
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
samkshitha (Girl)    Meaning : samkshitha
  -Submitted by: kishore
sammelana (Girl)    Meaning : sammelana
  -Submitted by: surekha
sampada (Girl)    Meaning : treasure,wealth
  -Submitted by: sowmya
Sampangi (Girl)    Meaning : The flower
  -Submitted by: Ambotu
samprathi (Girl)    Meaning : samprathi
  -Submitted by: sweety
Samraksha (Girl)    Meaning : secured
  -Submitted by: Sravya
samrin (Girl)    Meaning : samrin
  -Submitted by: zakir
samrithi (Girl)    Meaning : samanga
  -Submitted by: samrithi
samskruthi (Girl)    Meaning : Culture and Tradition
  -Submitted by: Sreedhar Madham Setty
samstita (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi maata
  -Submitted by: radhika
SAMUDRA (Girl)    Meaning : OCEAN
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
samudrika (Girl)    Meaning : samudrika
  -Submitted by: surekha
samvedya (Girl)    Meaning : Lalita devi/vedala samuham
  -Submitted by: Rani phanikuamar
samvidha (Girl)    Meaning : samvidha
  -Submitted by: sree
samyamani (Girl)    Meaning : she takes emotions nd happiness with same feeling
  -Submitted by: gayathri
Samykya (Girl)    Meaning : united
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
samyukatha (Girl)    Meaning : samyukatha
  -Submitted by: madhu
samyuktha (Girl)    Meaning : Response
  -Submitted by: lavi
samyutha (Girl)    Meaning : godess saraswathi
  -Submitted by: sridevi
sana (Girl)    Meaning : sana
  -Submitted by: srinivs
sanasvini Gouri (Girl)    Meaning : sanasvini Gouri
  -Submitted by: srinivs
sanaya (Girl)    Meaning : slim
  -Submitted by: Charitha
sandeshna (Girl)    Meaning : sandeshna
  -Submitted by: Archana
sandhita (Girl)    Meaning : sandhita
  -Submitted by: subbamma
Sandhya (Girl)    Meaning : Sunrise (Sunday Vandanamu)
  -Submitted by: Pavan
sandigdha (Girl)    Meaning : sandigdha
  -Submitted by: sireesha
sandya (Girl)    Meaning : evening time
  -Submitted by: archana
sandyana (Girl)    Meaning : sandyana
  -Submitted by: latha madhav
sangama (Girl)    Meaning : water
  -Submitted by: sunithashashy
sangamitra (Girl)    Meaning : sangamitra
  -Submitted by: swapna praneeth
Sangeetha (Girl)    Meaning : Sangeetha
  -Submitted by: RBalsupati
sanghavi (Girl)    Meaning : friendship
  -Submitted by: sanghavi
sangika (Girl)    Meaning : social person
  -Submitted by: suresh
sanhitha (Girl)    Meaning : good company
  -Submitted by: chinnu
Sania (Girl)    Meaning : Wisdom
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Sanika (Girl)    Meaning : Flute
  -Submitted by: Krishna
sanjana (Girl)    Meaning : sanjana
  -Submitted by: sandhya
sanjeevini (Girl)    Meaning : medicine to live alive
  -Submitted by: yamini
sanjitha (Girl)    Meaning : sanjitha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
  -Submitted by: USHA
Sanjuktha Devi (Girl)    Meaning : Lordess Parvathi Devi
  -Submitted by: Galipalli Rajani and Rajesh
sanjyogita (Girl)    Meaning : sanjyogita
  -Submitted by: surekha
Sankeertana (Girl)    Meaning : Type Of music
  -Submitted by: Rani
sankeerthana (Girl)    Meaning : good ragaa
  -Submitted by: chandana
Sankshema sri (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess of Welfare
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
sannidhi (Girl)    Meaning : in the presence of god
  -Submitted by: suneetha
sanskrithi (Girl)    Meaning : tradition
  -Submitted by: sowmya
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
santhi (Girl)    Meaning : peace
  -Submitted by: santhi
santhoshi (Girl)    Meaning : Happy girl
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
santra (Girl)    Meaning : jabbi
  -Submitted by: jalin
santrupti (Girl)    Meaning : santrupti
  -Submitted by: satya
santwana (Girl)    Meaning : odarpu
  -Submitted by: santwana
sanvi (Girl)    Meaning : sanvi
  -Submitted by: vaishnavi
sanvida (Girl)    Meaning : sanvida
  -Submitted by: santosh
saptha prada (Girl)    Meaning : saptha prada
  -Submitted by: anil
sarada (Girl)    Meaning : sarada
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
saradha (Girl)    Meaning : saradha
  -Submitted by: Giri
saradvani (Girl)    Meaning : saraswathi
  -Submitted by: anusree
sarah (Girl)    Meaning : good girl
  -Submitted by: cool
sarala (Girl)    Meaning : softness
  -Submitted by: saru
saranitha (Girl)    Meaning : saranitha
  -Submitted by: vanithasaravanan
saranya (Girl)    Meaning : saranya
  -Submitted by: uma
sarasija (Girl)    Meaning : sarasija
  -Submitted by: nonie
Sarasiruha (Girl)    Meaning : Saraswathi (Godess)
  -Submitted by: Prasuna
sarasvathi (Girl)    Meaning : sarasvathi
  -Submitted by: rupa
Saraswathi (Girl)    Meaning : Saruswathi
  -Submitted by: Swetha
sarayu (Girl)    Meaning : sarayu
  -Submitted by: randheer
sarayu mihira (Girl)    Meaning : river, sun
  -Submitted by: sowmya
sarena (Girl)    Meaning : sarena
  -Submitted by: soniya
Sarika (Girl)    Meaning : Parrot
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Saritha (Girl)    Meaning : Name of a river
  -Submitted by: Saritha
Sarmista (Girl)    Meaning : sarmista
  -Submitted by: swetha
saroja (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: saroja
sarvani (Girl)    Meaning : Godesses parvathi devi
  -Submitted by: satya
saryu (Girl)    Meaning : river in ayodya
  -Submitted by: anjali
sasha (Girl)    Meaning : sasha
  -Submitted by: radhika
sasi (Girl)    Meaning : sasi
  -Submitted by: neeta
Sasi rekha (Girl)    Meaning : moon
  -Submitted by: chandra
sasikala (Girl)    Meaning : sasikala
  -Submitted by: sasikala
Sasmita (Girl)    Meaning : Always Laughing
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Sasruti (Girl)    Meaning : Sasruti
  -Submitted by: Aadhiti
sastha (Girl)    Meaning : the another name of ayyapa swami
  -Submitted by: usha
sasya (Girl)    Meaning : sasya
  -Submitted by: vardhini
sathguna (Girl)    Meaning : good nature
  -Submitted by: samala bhavani
sathika (Girl)    Meaning : hundred
  -Submitted by: devi
sathvika (Girl)    Meaning : sathvika masam(peaceful)
  -Submitted by: dham
sathyanjali (Girl)    Meaning : sathyanjali
  -Submitted by: sathyanjali
satvi (Girl)    Meaning : satvi
  -Submitted by: satvi
Satvika (Girl)    Meaning : soft
  -Submitted by: Haritha
Satyasri (Girl)    Meaning : Truth and Wealth Women
  -Submitted by: Srinivas
satyavani (Girl)    Meaning : voice of truth
  -Submitted by: satyavani
Saumya (Girl)    Meaning : Mild
  -Submitted by: Kavya
Saveri (Girl)    Meaning : Famous Musical tune
  -Submitted by: Suma
Savitha (Girl)    Meaning : Name of Sun god
  -Submitted by: Sowjanya
Savya (Girl)    Meaning : Perfect
  -Submitted by: HimaBindu
seershika (Girl)    Meaning : seershika
  -Submitted by: suneetha
Seetasree (Girl)    Meaning : seetadevi
  -Submitted by: gsreddyBVSc
sejal (Girl)    Meaning : purewater
  -Submitted by: sonali
serima (Girl)    Meaning : serima
  -Submitted by: serima
sethu (Girl)    Meaning : it is a name of a mountain in bhagavatham
  -Submitted by: sri laxmi
Sethu Manjusha (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Name
  -Submitted by:
shabana (Girl)    Meaning : shabana
  -Submitted by: zuber
Shaila (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Parvati
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Shailaja (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Parvathi Devi
  -Submitted by: Shailu
shailika (Girl)    Meaning : shailika
  -Submitted by: surekha
shaivy (Girl)    Meaning : shaivy
  -Submitted by: ganga
shakhina (Girl)    Meaning : lightning
  -Submitted by: soheb
shakti (Girl)    Meaning : Power, name of godesses
  -Submitted by: shakti lohar
shalika (Girl)    Meaning : shalika
  -Submitted by: swetha
shalini (Girl)    Meaning : shalini
  -Submitted by: shalini
  -Submitted by: N.SUBRAHMANYAM
shalya (Girl)    Meaning : shalya
  -Submitted by: vamsee
shamita (Girl)    Meaning : shamita
  -Submitted by: hjk
shanmita (Girl)    Meaning : shanmita
  -Submitted by: bhanu
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
shanmukhi (Girl)    Meaning : six faces godess, and the other name of naga devatha
  -Submitted by: rani
Shanthi (Girl)    Meaning : Peace
  -Submitted by: Ramana
Sharada (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess of education
  -Submitted by: Raja Narendra
sharadha (Girl)    Meaning : godess saraswathi
  -Submitted by: pinky
Sharadyuthi (Girl)    Meaning : moon light in sarath ruthuvu
  -Submitted by: nandi
Sharan (Girl)    Meaning : Submitting
  -Submitted by: Sravya
sharani (Girl)    Meaning : sharani
  -Submitted by: asha
SHARANYA (Girl)    Meaning : KIND FUL
  -Submitted by: HARI PULLURI
SharatChandrika (Girl)    Meaning : SharatChandrika
  -Submitted by: MadhuSashi
sharavani (Girl)    Meaning : sha
  -Submitted by: barati
sharmishta (Girl)    Meaning : goddess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: kalyani
shasha (Girl)    Meaning : shasha
  -Submitted by: Rajinivarma
SHAUNA (Girl)    Meaning : SHAUNA
  -Submitted by: JOTHI
Shayna (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful
  -Submitted by: Srividya
  -Submitted by: SAHITH
sheshamma (Girl)    Meaning : sheshamma
  -Submitted by: htyy
Shika (Girl)    Meaning : Shika
  -Submitted by: Santi
shikha (Girl)    Meaning : Light
  -Submitted by: shikha
shikhara (Girl)    Meaning : mountain peak
  -Submitted by: varsha
shilpa (Girl)    Meaning : shilpa
  -Submitted by: padmavathi
shiny (Girl)    Meaning : brighness
  -Submitted by: pranitha
shipra (Girl)    Meaning : name of ariver in north india
  -Submitted by: Geetha Gollapudi
shiri (Girl)    Meaning : student
  -Submitted by: anuradha.d
shirin (Girl)    Meaning : sweet
  -Submitted by: mounika
shirisha (Girl)    Meaning : lover of jojo
  -Submitted by: jojo
shirohini (Girl)    Meaning : shirohini
  -Submitted by: rohini
shishira (Girl)    Meaning : shishira
  -Submitted by: sudha Ramesh
shishwa (Girl)    Meaning : parvathi devi
  -Submitted by: suchitra
Shiuli (Girl)    Meaning : Parijatam or White Flower
  -Submitted by: Sailaja
shiva chaitanya (Girl)    Meaning : shiva chaitanya
  -Submitted by: shiva shankar
shivangi (Girl)    Meaning : shivangi
  -Submitted by: surekha
Shivani (Girl)    Meaning : Shivani
  -Submitted by: Gayatri Bolli
Shivani/Sivani (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Parvathi
  -Submitted by: Shivani
shivathmika (Girl)    Meaning : wife of lord Shiva
  -Submitted by: patel
shiya (Girl)    Meaning : shiya
  -Submitted by: shiya
Shloka or Sloka (Girl)    Meaning : Shloka or Sloka
  -Submitted by: Radhika
shobha (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: suchitha
Shraddha (Girl)    Meaning : faith
  -Submitted by: Subbarao
shradhha (Girl)    Meaning : sahajanga
  -Submitted by: intrest
shragvini (Girl)    Meaning : shragvini
  -Submitted by: mrunalini
shramik (Girl)    Meaning : hard worker
  -Submitted by: xyz
shravana (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: vivekanandan
shravya (Girl)    Meaning : nice tone
  -Submitted by: varganti
Shreeja (Girl)    Meaning : Daughter of lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Raj
shreejana (Girl)    Meaning : laksmi
  -Submitted by: shreejana
  -Submitted by: NARENDER
Shreenaya (Girl)    Meaning : Shreenaya
  -Submitted by: MADHU
  -Submitted by: NARENDER
shreevinuthna (Girl)    Meaning : shreevinuthna
  -Submitted by: rohini
shreeya (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi
  -Submitted by: susmita
shreshta (Girl)    Meaning : shreshta
  -Submitted by: shreshta
Shrestha (Girl)    Meaning : Shrestha
  -Submitted by: Vamsee
shreya (Girl)    Meaning : beautifull
  -Submitted by: shreya
Shreyasi (Girl)    Meaning : Successful
  -Submitted by: Sridhar
shriddi (Girl)    Meaning : shriddi
  -Submitted by: satya
shrika (Girl)    Meaning : fortune
  -Submitted by: indira
shritha (Girl)    Meaning : goddess laxmi
  -Submitted by: kishore
shrithika (Girl)    Meaning : shrithi
  -Submitted by: gayathri
Shrivalli (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Ramana Rao
Shriya (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Shriya
Shrutha Keerthi (Girl)    Meaning : Wife Of Laxman
  -Submitted by: Mani
shubha (Girl)    Meaning : good
  -Submitted by: rinky
shukti (Girl)    Meaning : pearl oyster
  -Submitted by: swetha
shushma (Girl)    Meaning : shushma
  -Submitted by: shushma
Shwetambri (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Saraswati, who wears white clothes
  -Submitted by: Nandini Sharma
shwetha (Girl)    Meaning : shwetha
  -Submitted by: sowbhagya
shyamala (Girl)    Meaning : shyamala
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
Siddhi (Girl)    Meaning : Success, Perfection, Accomplishment
  -Submitted by: Sneha Latha Jagadeesh
SIKSHA (Girl)    Meaning : TEACHINGS
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Silpa (Girl)    Meaning : Statue
  -Submitted by: Silly
Silva (Girl)    Meaning : Silva
  -Submitted by: suchi
SIMHINI (Girl)    Meaning : SIMHINI
  -Submitted by: PRIYASURESH
simitra sri (Girl)    Meaning : sumitra sri
  -Submitted by: padma
simona (Girl)    Meaning : simona
  -Submitted by: praveen
simran (Girl)    Meaning : simran
  -Submitted by: Sana
Sindhu (Girl)    Meaning : river
  -Submitted by: sindhu
sindhu/sindhura (Girl)    Meaning : tilakmu/bottu/sinduramu
  -Submitted by: sindhu
sindhuja (Girl)    Meaning : sindhuja
  -Submitted by: sindhu
sindhura (Girl)    Meaning : sindhura
  -Submitted by: greeshma
Sindhuri (Girl)    Meaning : Thilakam
  -Submitted by: Anitha Srinivas Pamidi
sindika (Girl)    Meaning : sindika
  -Submitted by: ravi
sini (Girl)    Meaning : sini
  -Submitted by: swapna praneeth
SIPIKA (Girl)    Meaning : CUTE GIRL
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
sireesha (Girl)    Meaning : a rare flower
  -Submitted by: siri
siri (Girl)    Meaning : welth
  -Submitted by: allup
Siri Chandana (Girl)    Meaning : wealth and fame
  -Submitted by: Siri Chandana
siri muvva (Girl)    Meaning : siri muvva
  -Submitted by: sadhana amar
Siri Valli (Girl)    Meaning : Siri Valli
  -Submitted by: venkat narayana
siri vennala (Girl)    Meaning : siri vennala
  -Submitted by: siri
sirisha (Girl)    Meaning : sirisha
  -Submitted by: surendra
sirishma (Girl)    Meaning : wealth
  -Submitted by: jayapradha
sirnithya (Girl)    Meaning : sirnithya
  -Submitted by: haritha
sisira (Girl)    Meaning : sisira vrutuvu
  -Submitted by: satya
sithara (Girl)    Meaning : star
  -Submitted by: sithara raju
sivani (Girl)    Meaning : parvathi godess
  -Submitted by: anil
Siya (Girl)    Meaning : another name of Sita
  -Submitted by: Shwetha
siyantha (Girl)    Meaning : joyous
  -Submitted by: harshitha
sloka (Girl)    Meaning : its is like a slokam in any language
  -Submitted by: vasudha Reddy
smarana (Girl)    Meaning : praying
  -Submitted by: Surekha
SMIJA (Girl)    Meaning : SMIJA
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
smita (Girl)    Meaning : smile
  -Submitted by: saritha
SMITHA (Girl)    Meaning : SMILE
  -Submitted by: USHA
Smrithee (Girl)    Meaning : Remember
  -Submitted by: Saritha
Smrithi (Girl)    Meaning : Memories
  -Submitted by: Neelima
smrudhula (Girl)    Meaning : smrudhula
  -Submitted by: satish kumar
smruthi (Girl)    Meaning : memories
  -Submitted by: Sirisha Murthy
snapika (Girl)    Meaning : snapika
  -Submitted by: Archana
sneha (Girl)    Meaning : who is very friendly
  -Submitted by: madhuri
snehalatha (Girl)    Meaning : snehalatha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
snehapriya (Girl)    Meaning : lovely friendship
  -Submitted by: snehapriya
  -Submitted by: JOTHILAKSHMI
Snetha (Girl)    Meaning : Snetha
  -Submitted by: Devi
Snigda (Girl)    Meaning : Affectionate
  -Submitted by: umadevi
snigdha (Girl)    Meaning : lalitha godess
  -Submitted by: vani
Snikitha (Girl)    Meaning : Smiling face
  -Submitted by: umadevi
Snithika (Girl)    Meaning : Snithika
  -Submitted by: Rupa
sobha (Girl)    Meaning : sobha
  -Submitted by: veena
Sohini (Girl)    Meaning : Name of a Raaga in Indian Classical Musuc
  -Submitted by: Suresh Duggirala
somalika (Girl)    Meaning : somalika
  -Submitted by: swapna
somscruthi (Girl)    Meaning : somscruthi
  -Submitted by: siri
sona (Girl)    Meaning : gold
  -Submitted by: sucharita
SONAKSHI (Girl)    Meaning : golden ey
  -Submitted by: Ramulu Kothapalli
sonal (Girl)    Meaning : sonal
  -Submitted by: sonam
sonali (Girl)    Meaning : golden
  -Submitted by: jayasri
sonam (Girl)    Meaning : sonam
  -Submitted by: sonam
Sonia (Girl)    Meaning : Golden/Beautiful
  -Submitted by: Rachel
sonica (Girl)    Meaning : gold
  -Submitted by: krish
Sonika (Girl)    Meaning : Golden
  -Submitted by: Srividya
soudarya (Girl)    Meaning : very beautiful
  -Submitted by: vanitha
SOUGANDHIKA (Girl)    Meaning : sugandhalu vedajallunadi
  -Submitted by: sailaja
Souhita (Girl)    Meaning : Souhita
  -Submitted by: Kala
soujanya (Girl)    Meaning : soujanya
  -Submitted by: soujanya
soumaya (Girl)    Meaning : soumaya
  -Submitted by: srinu
soumica (Girl)    Meaning : soumyum
  -Submitted by: keerti
soumika (Girl)    Meaning : Similar to soumya
  -Submitted by: Lakshmi Reddy
soumithya (Girl)    Meaning : maya
  -Submitted by: soundarya reddy
soumya (Girl)    Meaning : sensitive
  -Submitted by: soumya
soundarya (Girl)    Meaning : beauty
  -Submitted by: soundarya
sowjanya (Girl)    Meaning : sowjanya
  -Submitted by: sowjanya
sowkya (Girl)    Meaning : decent
  -Submitted by: satya
sowmini (Girl)    Meaning : sowmini
  -Submitted by: sudha
sowmya (Girl)    Meaning : sowmya
  -Submitted by: sailaja
sowmya shree (Girl)    Meaning : lakshimi devi
  -Submitted by: ktnagamani
sowmyatha (Girl)    Meaning : slow n steady
  -Submitted by: sreedurga
spandana (Girl)    Meaning : Response
  -Submitted by: pranathi
spanjana (Girl)    Meaning : spanjana
  -Submitted by: kalpana
sparsha (Girl)    Meaning : feeling
  -Submitted by: soundarya
spatika (Girl)    Meaning : its a crystal,n also pure
  -Submitted by: jyothi
Spenser (Girl)    Meaning : Braydon
  -Submitted by: Rylan
sphurthy (Girl)    Meaning : inspiration
  -Submitted by: sphurthy
spoorthi (Girl)    Meaning : inspiration
  -Submitted by: spoorthi
Spoothi (Girl)    Meaning : Spoothi
  -Submitted by: Suresh Reddy
spruthi (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: kalyani
spruthika (Girl)    Meaning : spruthika
  -Submitted by: soundarya
spurthi (Girl)    Meaning : inspiration
  -Submitted by: sirisha
Sradha (Girl)    Meaning : godess laksmi
  -Submitted by: srihita
Sravani (Girl)    Meaning : Telugu month name
  -Submitted by: Sandhya
sravanilakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : sravanilakshmi
  -Submitted by: THRISHA
sravanthi (Girl)    Meaning : sravanthi
  -Submitted by: bharathi
sravanti (Girl)    Meaning : flowing river
  -Submitted by: sravanti
sravika (Girl)    Meaning : sravika
  -Submitted by: radhika
sravya (Girl)    Meaning : sravya
  -Submitted by: sudha
  -Submitted by: sudhish kumar
Sree Durga (Girl)    Meaning : godess Durga
  -Submitted by: srihita(nallapareddy)
SREE HAASA (Girl)    Meaning : CUTE BABY
  -Submitted by: AMAR
sree lakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : money
  -Submitted by: aruna
sree latha (Girl)    Meaning : samudrudu
  -Submitted by: sagar
sree Pallavi (Girl)    Meaning : chigurinchina lakshmi
  -Submitted by: bujji
sreeja (Girl)    Meaning : sreeja
  -Submitted by: radhika
sreejareddy (Girl)    Meaning : sreejareddy
  -Submitted by: srikala
Sreejith (Girl)    Meaning : Sreejith
  -Submitted by: Sreejith
Sreekari (Girl)    Meaning : Sreekari
  -Submitted by: Sowmya
sreeksha (Girl)    Meaning : sreeksha
  -Submitted by: srikar
Sreelekha (Girl)    Meaning : Sreelekha
  -Submitted by: swapnaMadhu
sreema (Girl)    Meaning : sreema
  -Submitted by: lavanya
sreena (Girl)    Meaning : sreena
  -Submitted by: sreenivas
sreenanda (Girl)    Meaning : sreenanda
  -Submitted by: surekha
sreenidhi (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: bcd
sreenidhya (Girl)    Meaning : sri laxmi
  -Submitted by: S.Kumar
sreeprasanna (Girl)    Meaning : sreeprasanna
  -Submitted by: abhi
SreeRangavalli (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful Rainbow
  -Submitted by: Sreerangavalli
sreevani (Girl)    Meaning : sreevani
  -Submitted by: arunamma
sreeya (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: bnjyothi
sreshta (Girl)    Meaning : perfection
  -Submitted by: ramya
sresta (Girl)    Meaning : srestamaina
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
sresti (Girl)    Meaning : sresti.
  -Submitted by: Mahesh
sreya (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: meena
sreyamsi (Girl)    Meaning : godess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
sreyanth (Girl)    Meaning : sreyanth
  -Submitted by: shilpa
Sri (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Veera
Sri ansha (Girl)    Meaning : part of Lord Vishnu
  -Submitted by: Saiprabha
Sri Charitha (Girl)    Meaning : Sri Charitha
  -Submitted by: Hussanaiah
Sri Dhanya (Girl)    Meaning : Name of the Goddess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Rajeswari
Sri Gowtam (Girl)    Meaning : name of Vishnu
  -Submitted by: BK
sri harshitha (Girl)    Meaning : sri harshitha
  -Submitted by: shalini
Sri Hita (Girl)    Meaning : lovable
  -Submitted by: Aruna
sri kundan (Girl)    Meaning : sri kundan
  -Submitted by: saru
sri lata (Girl)    Meaning : sri means sampada,.. lata means kreeper
  -Submitted by: srilata
  -Submitted by: KOTA JYOTHI
sri mania (Girl)    Meaning : sri mania
  -Submitted by: swapna
sri nethrika (Girl)    Meaning : i dont know
  -Submitted by: sivanarayana
sri nidhi (Girl)    Meaning : godess of treasure
  -Submitted by: reddy
sri nikitha (Girl)    Meaning : very helpful
  -Submitted by: anuja
sri ramani (Girl)    Meaning : very beautiful
  -Submitted by: sri
Sri Tanvi (Girl)    Meaning : Sri Tanvi
  -Submitted by: Narender
Sri Vaishnavi Samhitha (Girl)    Meaning : Sri Vaishnavi Samhitha
  -Submitted by: Naga Raja Kumari
sri valli (Girl)    Meaning : sri valli
  -Submitted by: venkat narayana
sricharani (Girl)    Meaning : godess laxmi feet
  -Submitted by: kishore
Srida (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshmi devi
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
sridevi (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi devi
  -Submitted by: sridevi
sridha (Girl)    Meaning : grand of laxmi
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
sridhanya (Girl)    Meaning : sridhanya
  -Submitted by: surekha
sriha (Girl)    Meaning : sriha
  -Submitted by: sriha
srihita (Girl)    Meaning : godess
  -Submitted by: kamakshi
Srihitha (Girl)    Meaning : friendship
  -Submitted by: vanaja
srija (Girl)    Meaning : srija
  -Submitted by: shyamala
srija sri (Girl)    Meaning : sirimuvva
  -Submitted by: madhu mohan9988
srikanth (Girl)    Meaning : srikanth
  -Submitted by: pujareddy
srikari (Girl)    Meaning : amma vaari peu
  -Submitted by: srilakshmi
srilaasya (Girl)    Meaning : devi parvathi
  -Submitted by: aparna
srilata (Girl)    Meaning : money
  -Submitted by: kanala sreelatha
srilatha (Girl)    Meaning : srilatha
  -Submitted by: srilatha
srimayi (Girl)    Meaning : srimayi
  -Submitted by: srimayi
srimouni (Girl)    Meaning : srimouni
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
srini (Girl)    Meaning : love
  -Submitted by: bhanu
srinidhi (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: lakshmi prasanna
srinidni (Girl)    Meaning : srinidni
  -Submitted by: sreesritha
Srinija (Girl)    Meaning : True Treasure
  -Submitted by: Sandhya
Srinika (Girl)    Meaning : Another name for Lakshmi Devi
  -Submitted by: Krishna
  -Submitted by: SILPA
Srinithi (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: umadevi
srinithya (Girl)    Meaning : always greenish(happiness)
  -Submitted by: srinithya
sriprada (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi
  -Submitted by: sahiti
sripranavi (Girl)    Meaning : s
  -Submitted by: sripranavi
sripriya (Girl)    Meaning : sripriya
  -Submitted by: lavanya
sriramya (Girl)    Meaning : sriramya
  -Submitted by: sriramya
sririthya (Girl)    Meaning : sririthya
  -Submitted by: sririthya
srisahasra (Girl)    Meaning : srisahasra
  -Submitted by: jeevana
srisha/sreesha (Girl)    Meaning : srisha
  -Submitted by: Dhanalaxmi
srisiri (Girl)    Meaning : srisiri
  -Submitted by: lavanya
Sristi (Girl)    Meaning : Generating
  -Submitted by: Priya
sritha (Girl)    Meaning : slokamlodi
  -Submitted by: laxmi
srithika (Girl)    Meaning : srithika
  -Submitted by: satya chowdary
Srivalli (Girl)    Meaning : Wife of lord subramanya
  -Submitted by: Gottimukkala
srivalya (Girl)    Meaning : its my name
  -Submitted by: srivalya
srivani (Girl)    Meaning : laxshmi saraswathi
  -Submitted by: vamshi
  -Submitted by: KOTA JYOTHI
Srivya (Girl)    Meaning : Srivya
  -Submitted by: Vani
sriya (Girl)    Meaning : sriya
  -Submitted by: aparna
sriyaa (Girl)    Meaning : worthful;lakshmi
  -Submitted by: prameela
sriyani (Girl)    Meaning : sriyani
  -Submitted by: phanikumar
sriyutha (Girl)    Meaning : sriyutha
  -Submitted by: Susmitha
sruhitha (Girl)    Meaning : sruhitha
  -Submitted by: siri
srujana (Girl)    Meaning : srujana
  -Submitted by: usha
srujanavarshini (Girl)    Meaning : sakala soubhagyam
  -Submitted by: kirankumar
srujathi (Girl)    Meaning : srujathi
  -Submitted by: kavithareddy
Srushi (Girl)    Meaning : Fish (in chineese language)
  -Submitted by: sandhya polineni
srusti (Girl)    Meaning : creation
  -Submitted by: Sudha
sruthi (Girl)    Meaning : sruthi
  -Submitted by: vinoda
sruthika (Girl)    Meaning : sruthika
  -Submitted by: sailaja
sthothra (Girl)    Meaning : sthothra means a slokam
  -Submitted by: spoorthi
Subbalaxmi (Girl)    Meaning : Godess of Happyness
  -Submitted by: Venu
Subhadra (Girl)    Meaning : sister of lord krishna
  -Submitted by: suneetha
Subhashini (Girl)    Meaning : Subhashini
  -Submitted by: Santi
subitha (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: sushma
Sucharita (Girl)    Meaning : Good Character
  -Submitted by: Srividya
sucharitha (Girl)    Meaning : manchi nadavika kaladi
  -Submitted by: sucharita
suchetha (Girl)    Meaning : suchetha
  -Submitted by: kavitha
suchi (Girl)    Meaning : suchi
  -Submitted by: surekha
suchita (Girl)    Meaning : suchita
  -Submitted by: sathish
suchitha (Girl)    Meaning : suchitha
  -Submitted by: kavitha
suchitra (Girl)    Meaning : good nature
  -Submitted by: sucharita
sudeeksha (Girl)    Meaning : deep deeksha
  -Submitted by: rachana
sudeepthi (Girl)    Meaning : sudeepthi
  -Submitted by: seta
sudeera (Girl)    Meaning : sudeera
  -Submitted by: nani
sudeshna (Girl)    Meaning : sudeshna
  -Submitted by: bnjyothi
sudha madhavi (Girl)    Meaning : amruthadhara
  -Submitted by: aparna
sudha rani (Girl)    Meaning : amruta rani
  -Submitted by: bhavani prasad . k
sudhanya (Girl)    Meaning : sudhanya
  -Submitted by: gummadi
sudheshna (Girl)    Meaning : princess
  -Submitted by: sudheshna
Sudhiksha (Girl)    Meaning : Good Concentration
  -Submitted by: Sravanthi
sudiksha (Girl)    Meaning : god lakshmi
  -Submitted by: neelima bhuma
Suditi (Girl)    Meaning : Bright flame
  -Submitted by: Srinivas
sugathri (Girl)    Meaning : she has nice voice
  -Submitted by: gayathri
sugitha (Girl)    Meaning : subhiksham/wealth or being happy always
  -Submitted by: sugitha
suguna (Girl)    Meaning : suguna
  -Submitted by: suk
suha (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: susy
suhaila (Girl)    Meaning : moon light
  -Submitted by: rumana
suhala (Girl)    Meaning : good girl
  -Submitted by: ramu
suhana (Girl)    Meaning : goddess of gold (laxmi)
  -Submitted by: naveen
suhanaa (Girl)    Meaning : rose
  -Submitted by: sagar reddy
suhani (Girl)    Meaning : pleasent
  -Submitted by: shwetha amarnath
suharika (Girl)    Meaning : suharika
  -Submitted by: sowjanya
suhasa (Girl)    Meaning : smiley
  -Submitted by: bnjyothi
  -Submitted by: JANARDHAN MALLELA
suhasini (Girl)    Meaning : manchi dharahasam kaladi
  -Submitted by: sucharita
suhita (Girl)    Meaning : very soft
  -Submitted by: ramani
sujala (Girl)    Meaning : good water
  -Submitted by: samala bhavani
Sujana (Girl)    Meaning : Sujana
  -Submitted by: Sujana
sujasri (Girl)    Meaning : sujasri
  -Submitted by: sujasri
sujata (Girl)    Meaning : Sujata is a Sanskrit word meaning "from a good family" or "bringer of luck".
  -Submitted by: sujata
sujatha (Girl)    Meaning : sujatha
  -Submitted by: spandana
sujith (Girl)    Meaning : nice body
  -Submitted by: varganti
Sujitha (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: maheshwari
Sukanya (Girl)    Meaning : Virtuous Maiden
  -Submitted by: Anasuya
sukitha (Girl)    Meaning : Happy
  -Submitted by: SaiSekharReddy
sukrithi (Girl)    Meaning : good krithi..
  -Submitted by: madhuri
sukriti (Girl)    Meaning : sukriti
  -Submitted by: suresh
sukrutha (Girl)    Meaning : kind soul
  -Submitted by: supriya
sulakshana (Girl)    Meaning : good characters
  -Submitted by: nandini
Suleka (Girl)    Meaning : Subhavartha
  -Submitted by: Chandra sekhar
sulochana (Girl)    Meaning : sulochana
  -Submitted by: madhu
suma (Girl)    Meaning : suma
  -Submitted by: latha
suma latha (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful flowers
  -Submitted by: sumalatha
sumadhura (Girl)    Meaning : sumadhura
  -Submitted by: kavitha
sumalatha (Girl)    Meaning : sumalatha
  -Submitted by: sumalatha
Sumana (Girl)    Meaning : good at heart
  -Submitted by: Sumana
sumana reddy (Girl)    Meaning : sumana reddy
  -Submitted by: vinil
Sumanhi (Girl)    Meaning : good gem
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
sumanthi (Girl)    Meaning : gud knowledge
  -Submitted by: madhu
sumatha (Girl)    Meaning : sumatha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
sumathi (Girl)    Meaning : sumathi
  -Submitted by: sumathi
Sumedha (Girl)    Meaning : Intelligent, wise
  -Submitted by: Vijay Katakam
sumeetha (Girl)    Meaning : sumeetha
  -Submitted by: sukumar
sumegha (Girl)    Meaning : good cloud
  -Submitted by: sridevi
Sumita (Girl)    Meaning : Friendly
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Sumitha (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful Body
  -Submitted by: Srividya
sumitra (Girl)    Meaning : sumitra
  -Submitted by: sunitha
sun (Girl)    Meaning : sun light
  -Submitted by: surya
Sunaina (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful Earth
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Sunanda (Girl)    Meaning : A pleasant and nice daughter
  -Submitted by: Sunanda
sunandha (Girl)    Meaning : sunandha
  -Submitted by: lathareddy
sunayana (Girl)    Meaning : she is having good eyes
  -Submitted by: laxmi
SUNDARI (Girl)    Meaning : BEAUTIFUL
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
sundesh (Girl)    Meaning : giving message
  -Submitted by: sunitharajesh
sundhya (Girl)    Meaning : sunset
  -Submitted by: vanitha
suneela (Girl)    Meaning : suneela
  -Submitted by: suneela
Suneeta (Girl)    Meaning : One with good principles
  -Submitted by: Suneeta
suneetha (Girl)    Meaning : suneetha
  -Submitted by: suneetha
sunethra (Girl)    Meaning : sunethra
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
Sunetri (Girl)    Meaning : good eyes
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Sunheri (Girl)    Meaning : Gold
  -Submitted by: Meenumadhu
sunitha (Girl)    Meaning : sunitha
  -Submitted by: vishnu
Suparna (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Parvathi
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Suprada (Girl)    Meaning : Suprada
  -Submitted by: naveen
supraja prathyusha (Girl)    Meaning : sun rays
  -Submitted by: sri ramani
suprajaa (Girl)    Meaning : suprajaa
  -Submitted by: lll
suprathika (Girl)    Meaning : suprathika
  -Submitted by: suprathika
supreethi (Girl)    Meaning : sweet smile
  -Submitted by: kp
suprith (Girl)    Meaning : suprith
  -Submitted by: tejaswi
supritha (Girl)    Meaning : supritha
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
supriya (Girl)    Meaning : priyamainadi
  -Submitted by: priya
surabhi (Girl)    Meaning : music
  -Submitted by: chaya
suraksha (Girl)    Meaning : protection
  -Submitted by: suraksha
suravi (Girl)    Meaning : suravi
  -Submitted by: Manjulamanas
surekha (Girl)    Meaning : straight forward nicest line and prayer
  -Submitted by: srilekha
surena (Girl)    Meaning : surena
  -Submitted by: pooja
Surina (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess
  -Submitted by: Srividya
suruswitha (Girl)    Meaning : suruswitha
  -Submitted by: sreedurga
susanne (Girl)    Meaning : world of beauty
  -Submitted by: aaron
susheela (Girl)    Meaning : susheela
  -Submitted by: Madhuri
sushira (Girl)    Meaning : flute,good pleasant music
  -Submitted by: sowmya
sushma (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful women
  -Submitted by: suresh
sushmanjali (Girl)    Meaning : sushmanjali
  -Submitted by: mahee
sushmita (Girl)    Meaning : girl with a beautiful smile
  -Submitted by: susmita
sushmitha (Girl)    Meaning : girl with a beautiful smile
  -Submitted by: hima
sushritha (Girl)    Meaning : sushritha
  -Submitted by: siri
susi (Girl)    Meaning : susi
  -Submitted by: susi
susmitha (Girl)    Meaning : Always smiling / Good smile
  -Submitted by: susmitha
SUSREE (Girl)    Meaning : SUSREE
  -Submitted by: sudhish kumar
susritha (Girl)    Meaning : swachaminadhi
  -Submitted by: naga
Sutara (Girl)    Meaning : good star
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
suthana (Girl)    Meaning : suthana
  -Submitted by: good girl
Suvarchala (Girl)    Meaning : Sraswathi Devi
  -Submitted by: latha
Suvarna (Girl)    Meaning : Golden Girl.... Bangarm laanti ammai...
  -Submitted by: Gutti Giriswara Reddy
suvarsha (Girl)    Meaning : suvarsha
  -Submitted by: krishna
Suvedya (Girl)    Meaning : Suvedya
  -Submitted by: Siri
suvidha (Girl)    Meaning : suvidha
  -Submitted by: bcd
Suvidya (Girl)    Meaning : good education
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
svecha (Girl)    Meaning : freedom
  -Submitted by: diya
svitra (Girl)    Meaning : white and pure
  -Submitted by: srilekha
Swachitha (Girl)    Meaning : Purified
  -Submitted by: Anil Kumar Kanamala
swadhitha (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: alagammai
Swapanthi (Girl)    Meaning : Parvathi Devi,Saraswathi Devi,Laxmi Devi,born from dream
  -Submitted by: Vasavi Reddy
Swapna (Girl)    Meaning : Dream
  -Submitted by: Sandhya
swapnika (Girl)    Meaning : dreamer
  -Submitted by: uma
swara (Girl)    Meaning : sarasvathi matha
  -Submitted by: swathi nisha
SWARALAHARI (Girl)    Meaning : Rhythamic
  -Submitted by: SRIRAM AKONDI
swaram (Girl)    Meaning : tone,liric
  -Submitted by: pavanna
Swarna (Girl)    Meaning : Gold
  -Submitted by: Swarna
Swaroopa (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful Women, Manchi Roopavathi mariyu gunavathi
  -Submitted by: Srinivas
swasthika (Girl)    Meaning : goodness
  -Submitted by: satya
swathi (Girl)    Meaning : swathi
  -Submitted by: swapna
swecha (Girl)    Meaning : freedom
  -Submitted by: sandhya
swechaa (Girl)    Meaning : freedom
  -Submitted by: ramki
swersha (Girl)    Meaning : wishing
  -Submitted by: Saraa
swetha (Girl)    Meaning : white color
  -Submitted by: chinnu
swethalina (Girl)    Meaning : fair girl
  -Submitted by: swathy
swethambari (Girl)    Meaning : swethambari
  -Submitted by: azhar ahamad
SWEYA (Girl)    Meaning : SWEYA
  -Submitted by: ram
syamala (Girl)    Meaning : godess parvathi
  -Submitted by: raghava
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