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Baby names starting with letter R

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raaga tanmayasree (Girl)    Meaning : meaning
  -Submitted by: anajneyulu
raagamayee (Girl)    Meaning : raagamayee
  -Submitted by: muralidhar
raagini (Girl)    Meaning : raaam or song
  -Submitted by: varsha
raajitha (Girl)    Meaning : raajitha
  -Submitted by: raajitha
Raaya (Girl)    Meaning : Raaya
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
rachana (Girl)    Meaning : writer
  -Submitted by: padmaja
Rachita (Girl)    Meaning : Created
  -Submitted by: Kavya
radha (Girl)    Meaning : radha
  -Submitted by: smita
  -Submitted by: SIVARAMRAJ
radhalavanya (Girl)    Meaning : andhamaina
  -Submitted by: siva
Radhika (Girl)    Meaning : lover of lord krishna
  -Submitted by: radhika
rafath (Girl)    Meaning : rafath
  -Submitted by: mohammed
Raga Harshini (Girl)    Meaning : music of happiness
  -Submitted by: rajamahender
Raga sri (Girl)    Meaning : Raga sri
  -Submitted by: madhavi
raga sudha (Girl)    Meaning : raga sudha
  -Submitted by: dedipya vennelakanti
Raghavasree (Girl)    Meaning : God LakshmiNarayan
  -Submitted by: Rajeswari
Raghavendra (Girl)    Meaning : Raghavendra
  -Submitted by: sandhya
ragini (Girl)    Meaning : ragini
  -Submitted by: sudharani
rahila (Girl)    Meaning : amisha
  -Submitted by: amisha
Rahini (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Sawaswati
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Rahitha (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Lalitha Devi
  -Submitted by: revathi vuppala
rajani (Girl)    Meaning : rajani
  -Submitted by: rajani
rajasri (Girl)    Meaning : godess
  -Submitted by: rajasri
rajeevi (Girl)    Meaning : goodname
  -Submitted by: raji
rajeswari (Girl)    Meaning : rajeswari
  -Submitted by: x
raji (Girl)    Meaning : rajeswari
  -Submitted by: raja rajeswari
rajitha (Girl)    Meaning : brightness and silver
  -Submitted by: Ramgopal
Rajji (Girl)    Meaning : raising
  -Submitted by: Rajitha
Rajya Laxmi (Girl)    Meaning : Rajya Laxmi
  -Submitted by: Chitra
rajyalakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : rajyalakshmi
  -Submitted by: subhash
raksha (Girl)    Meaning : rakshinchatam
  -Submitted by: rashmi
rakshita (Girl)    Meaning : rakshita
  -Submitted by: sandhya
rama (Girl)    Meaning : rama
  -Submitted by: rama
rama rani (Girl)    Meaning : rama
  -Submitted by: rama
ramani (Girl)    Meaning : ramani
  -Submitted by: raviraj
Ramita (Girl)    Meaning : Pleasing
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Ramitha (Girl)    Meaning : Ramyamainadi
  -Submitted by: Nagesh
Ramna (Girl)    Meaning : Ramna
  -Submitted by: Harish Bhandari
ramola (Girl)    Meaning : good looking girl
  -Submitted by: ramola
Ramya (Girl)    Meaning : Ramya
  -Submitted by: vijaya
  -Submitted by: RAMYA SHREE
Ramya sree (Girl)    Meaning : Ramya sree
  -Submitted by: ramesh
Ramyasree (Girl)    Meaning : Ramyasree
  -Submitted by: Rajesh
Rangavalli (Girl)    Meaning : Rangooli... (Muggulu)
  -Submitted by: Sreerangavalli
rani (Girl)    Meaning : rani
  -Submitted by: raja
ranjani (Girl)    Meaning : happy
  -Submitted by: deepti
Ranjitha (Girl)    Meaning : Ranjitha
  -Submitted by: Ranjitha
Ranvita (Girl)    Meaning : Ranvita
  -Submitted by: Usha
rasagna (Girl)    Meaning : rasagna
  -Submitted by: rasagna reddy
rasagnae (Girl)    Meaning : tongue, sweet
  -Submitted by: Rasagnya S
rasagnya (Girl)    Meaning : rasagnya
  -Submitted by: shyam
rasheeda (Girl)    Meaning : rasheeda
  -Submitted by: rasheeda
rashmi (Girl)    Meaning : rashmi
  -Submitted by: raj
  -Submitted by: RASHMITHA
RASHMITHA REDDY (Girl)    Meaning : ray of light
  -Submitted by: Rashmitha Reddy
rasika (Girl)    Meaning : blissful
  -Submitted by: revathi vuppala
rasmi (Girl)    Meaning : sunrays
  -Submitted by: ratna kumari
Rasya (Girl)    Meaning : name of godess lalithadevi
  -Submitted by: Kameswari.vedula
Ratipriya (Girl)    Meaning : ,fondness,also found in Lalitha sahasranamam
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
ratna (Girl)    Meaning : gem
  -Submitted by: sudha
ratna jagathi (Girl)    Meaning : gem of the world
  -Submitted by: sudha
Ravali (Girl)    Meaning : Ravali
  -Submitted by: Sai
ravalli (Girl)    Meaning : sound
  -Submitted by: madhavi
Reema (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Durga
  -Submitted by: Srividya
reethi (Girl)    Meaning : reethi
  -Submitted by: shailu
reethika (Girl)    Meaning : reethika
  -Submitted by: sreenivas
regitha (Girl)    Meaning : regitha
  -Submitted by: surekha
rehana (Girl)    Meaning : rehana
  -Submitted by: sridevi
rekha (Girl)    Meaning : lines
  -Submitted by: kbl.rekha
Renuka (Girl)    Meaning : one of the name of goddess laxmi
  -Submitted by: sudha
reshika (Girl)    Meaning : light
  -Submitted by: srilakshmi
reshitha (Girl)    Meaning : reshitha
  -Submitted by: reshitha
reshma (Girl)    Meaning : silk/pattu
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
reshu (Girl)    Meaning : reshu
  -Submitted by: reshu
reva (Girl)    Meaning : reva
  -Submitted by: Revathi
Revathi (Girl)    Meaning : a famous star
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
Rhea/Rea (Girl)    Meaning : Singer
  -Submitted by: Srividya
ria (Girl)    Meaning : singer
  -Submitted by: sailu
richa (Girl)    Meaning : richa
  -Submitted by: richa
Richitha (Girl)    Meaning : Richita
  -Submitted by: Mounika
Riddhi (Girl)    Meaning : Prosperity,Knowledge
  -Submitted by: Sneha Latha
riddhima (Girl)    Meaning : prosperity,goddess laxmi,parvati..
  -Submitted by: venu
Riddi (Girl)    Meaning : consort of Ganesh
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
ridhi (Girl)    Meaning : wife of vinayaka
  -Submitted by: souji
Riha (Girl)    Meaning : Riha
  -Submitted by: Nagashree
Rijuth (Girl)    Meaning : Straighforwardness
  -Submitted by: Rijutha
rina (Girl)    Meaning : rina
  -Submitted by: saritha
Risha (Girl)    Meaning : sanctity,also found in Vishnu sahasranamam
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
rishika (Girl)    Meaning : rishika
  -Submitted by: sirisha
rishita (Girl)    Meaning : sage
  -Submitted by: padmaja
rishitha (Girl)    Meaning : rishitha
  -Submitted by: gkondaji
rishitha sri (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi devi
  -Submitted by: guruganesh
Rishmitha (Girl)    Meaning : Rishmitha
  -Submitted by: Rishmitha
rishvita (Girl)    Meaning : rishvita
  -Submitted by: sudha
ritanya (Girl)    Meaning : ritanya
  -Submitted by: sindura
rithika (Girl)    Meaning : rithika
  -Submitted by: lucky
rithima (Girl)    Meaning : seasons
  -Submitted by: sreedurga
rithvik kumar (Girl)    Meaning : puzzle
  -Submitted by: prawalika
rithvika (Girl)    Meaning : rithvika
  -Submitted by: kiran
rithwika (Girl)    Meaning : rithwika
  -Submitted by: ravi
rithya (Girl)    Meaning : rithya
  -Submitted by: rani
riti (Girl)    Meaning : riti
  -Submitted by: sweta
ritu (Girl)    Meaning : season
  -Submitted by: ram
Riya (Girl)    Meaning : Flower
  -Submitted by: Srividya
rohini (Girl)    Meaning : well known star
  -Submitted by: jojo
rohini mrunalini (Girl)    Meaning : nakshatra
  -Submitted by: gangi
rohita (Girl)    Meaning : rohita
  -Submitted by: rajani
rohitha (Girl)    Meaning : ruby
  -Submitted by: vikram
roja (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: swetha
ROMA (Girl)    Meaning : WEALTH
  -Submitted by: LAKSHMI
roopa (Girl)    Meaning : Ramyaminayna roopa
  -Submitted by: Vijaya Rupa
rosei (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: rakesh
roshini (Girl)    Meaning : light
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
ROSHITHA (Girl)    Meaning : ROSHITHA
  -Submitted by: SHIVA
roshnara (Girl)    Meaning : first light ray fron sun
  -Submitted by: rashmi
roshni (Girl)    Meaning : Light
  -Submitted by: padmaja chitturi
Rucha (Girl)    Meaning : Poem or verse of a Poem
  -Submitted by: susmita
ruchi (Girl)    Meaning : taste
  -Submitted by: sita
Ruchika (Girl)    Meaning : Taste
  -Submitted by: Raj
ruchita (Girl)    Meaning : good taste
  -Submitted by: venkata
rudheera (Girl)    Meaning : kanniti chukka
  -Submitted by: ramya
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
ruhvika (Girl)    Meaning : ruhvika
  -Submitted by: ruhtwika
rujula (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi
  -Submitted by: susmita
rukmini (Girl)    Meaning : god
  -Submitted by: ajay
ruksana fahad (Girl)    Meaning : ruksana fahad
  -Submitted by: afreen
rupa (Girl)    Meaning : rupa
  -Submitted by: rupa
Rupali (Girl)    Meaning : Charming,beautiful
  -Submitted by: Srividya
rupeni (Girl)    Meaning : andamaina momu
  -Submitted by: Rams
rupika (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: sindhu
rushel (Girl)    Meaning : rushel
  -Submitted by: sisira
RUTHIKA (Girl)    Meaning : SEASON
  -Submitted by: HARINI
ruthvika (Girl)    Meaning : what is the meaning
  -Submitted by: ruhtwika
ruthwika (Girl)    Meaning : ruthwika
  -Submitted by: laxmi
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