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Baby names starting with letter P

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Paarthivi (Girl)    Meaning : bhoomaata
  -Submitted by:
Paarthvi (Girl)    Meaning : Paarthvi
  -Submitted by: Paarthivi
paavana (Girl)    Meaning : goddess parvathi,purity
  -Submitted by: meenasrikanth
PAAYAL (Girl)    Meaning : ANKLET
  -Submitted by: USHA
padma (Girl)    Meaning : lotus
  -Submitted by: padmaja
padma priya (Girl)    Meaning : padma priya
  -Submitted by: madhuri
Padmaja (Girl)    Meaning : Padmaja
  -Submitted by: Santi
Padmanjali (Girl)    Meaning : Padmanjali
  -Submitted by: Ramakrishna
Padmavathi (Girl)    Meaning : Wife of Lord Srinivasa
  -Submitted by: Padmavathi
palak (Girl)    Meaning : palak
  -Submitted by: smita
pallavi (Girl)    Meaning : new leaves,thematic line of song
  -Submitted by: bujji
Pankajakshi (Girl)    Meaning : Eyes like lotus
  -Submitted by: Renuka reddy
param jyothi (Girl)    Meaning : sanity light
  -Submitted by: manoj
paramita (Girl)    Meaning : paramita
  -Submitted by: surekha
Parchitha (Girl)    Meaning : Parchitha
  -Submitted by: Siri
Parigyanta (Girl)    Meaning : Angel
  -Submitted by: Ashrita
parimala (Girl)    Meaning : good smell
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
Parinita (Girl)    Meaning : Expert
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Parinitha (Girl)    Meaning : married woman; or maturity
  -Submitted by: Parinitha
paritha (Girl)    Meaning : paritha
  -Submitted by: abraham
Parnika (Girl)    Meaning : auspicious Apsara
  -Submitted by: Phani
parnita (Girl)    Meaning : parnita
  -Submitted by: kalyani
parvathi (Girl)    Meaning : god name
  -Submitted by: mukesh roshan
  -Submitted by: k.n.Chary
Pavani (Girl)    Meaning : Purity
  -Submitted by: Pavani
pavitha (Girl)    Meaning : pavitha
  -Submitted by: srujana shobha
pavithra (Girl)    Meaning : pavithra
  -Submitted by: madhu
pavni (Girl)    Meaning : pavni
  -Submitted by: grishma
Phalguni (Girl)    Meaning : Phalguni
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
Pooja (Girl)    Meaning : Pooja
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
Poojita (Girl)    Meaning : Poojita
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
poojitha (Girl)    Meaning : The girl who does pooja to the God
  -Submitted by: T.Chandra
Poonam (Girl)    Meaning : Poonam
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
Poorna (Girl)    Meaning : full
  -Submitted by: poorna padmaja
  -Submitted by: KOTA JYOTHI
Poornima (Girl)    Meaning : full moon day
  -Submitted by: Devi
poorvi (Girl)    Meaning : poorvi
  -Submitted by: kushal
portika (Girl)    Meaning : complete
  -Submitted by: puri
poshika (Girl)    Meaning : poshika
  -Submitted by: Geetha
pournami (Girl)    Meaning : pournami
  -Submitted by: swathy
praachi (Girl)    Meaning : praachi
  -Submitted by: bcd
Prabhanjan (Girl)    Meaning : Lord Hanuman
  -Submitted by: Anoop
prachi (Girl)    Meaning : prachi
  -Submitted by: adusha
pradakshina (Girl)    Meaning : pradakshina
  -Submitted by: surekha
Pradeepa (Girl)    Meaning : Pradeepa
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Pradeepthi (Girl)    Meaning : Enlightened
  -Submitted by: Kalyan Kishore
Pradhika (Girl)    Meaning : pradhika
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
pradnya (Girl)    Meaning : pradnya
  -Submitted by: surekha
Pragalbha (Girl)    Meaning : greeting
  -Submitted by: kp
Pragathi (Girl)    Meaning : development
  -Submitted by: kp
pragna (Girl)    Meaning : pragna
  -Submitted by: sandhya
Pragya (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Saraswathi
  -Submitted by: Rajeswari
Praharshitha (Girl)    Meaning : Smily
  -Submitted by: Vinaya Keerthi G
prahasith (Girl)    Meaning : big laugh
  -Submitted by: sunitharajesh
Prahitha (Girl)    Meaning : Prahitha
  -Submitted by: Pavani
prahya (Girl)    Meaning : prahya
  -Submitted by: vasavi
prajetha (Girl)    Meaning : prajetha
  -Submitted by: sudhish kumar
Prajit (Girl)    Meaning : Kind
  -Submitted by: Medha
prajna (Girl)    Meaning : saraswati
  -Submitted by: reddy thirtha
prajnasri (Girl)    Meaning : prajnasri
  -Submitted by: srinivas
Prajvala (Girl)    Meaning : Prajvala
  -Submitted by: Pavani
prajwallitha (Girl)    Meaning : glowing
  -Submitted by: surendra nellore
prakarsha (Girl)    Meaning : shine
  -Submitted by: mahesh
Prakhyathi (Girl)    Meaning : name&fame
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
prakriti (Girl)    Meaning : nature
  -Submitted by: Surekha
prakruti (Girl)    Meaning : godess parvathi devi
  -Submitted by: chandrika
prakshitha (Girl)    Meaning : prakshitha
  -Submitted by: bhanu
Pralavi (Girl)    Meaning : Pralavi
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
pramathi (Girl)    Meaning : wisdom
  -Submitted by: shilpakala
Prameela (Girl)    Meaning : Prameela
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
pramiti (Girl)    Meaning : knowledge
  -Submitted by: prameela
Pramod (Girl)    Meaning : pramodam(happiness)
  -Submitted by: pramod
Pramoda (Girl)    Meaning : sweet smile
  -Submitted by: kp
pramukhi (Girl)    Meaning : pramukhi
  -Submitted by: deep
Pranahitha (Girl)    Meaning : River
  -Submitted by: River
pranaini (Girl)    Meaning : pranaini
  -Submitted by: pranaini
Pranali (Girl)    Meaning : Pranali
  -Submitted by: Vijetha
pranathi (Girl)    Meaning : pranathi
  -Submitted by: sahithi reddy
pranathi reddy (Girl)    Meaning : pranathi
  -Submitted by: ranga reddy
pranati (Girl)    Meaning : pranati
  -Submitted by: pavani
pranava (Girl)    Meaning : omkaram
  -Submitted by: sri ramya.K
Pranavi (Girl)    Meaning : paranavi
  -Submitted by: Rama
pranavika (Girl)    Meaning : pranavika
  -Submitted by: kishore
praneetha (Girl)    Meaning : praneetha
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
prani (Girl)    Meaning : girl
  -Submitted by: prani
pranita (Girl)    Meaning : gud girl
  -Submitted by: sateesh
pranitha (Girl)    Meaning : pranitha
  -Submitted by: deepthi
Pranithavya (Girl)    Meaning : Pranithavya
  -Submitted by: Sweety
pranithya (Girl)    Meaning : pranithya
  -Submitted by: Vijetha
Pranuthi (Girl)    Meaning : greeting
  -Submitted by: kp
pranvi (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: aadhya
Pranya (Girl)    Meaning : Has vedic origin : Force behind the universe
  -Submitted by: hima
praphulla (Girl)    Meaning : praphulla
  -Submitted by: ravi
Prapti (Girl)    Meaning : Gain
  -Submitted by: Supriya
prardhana (Girl)    Meaning : prardhana
  -Submitted by: deepthi
Prasanna (Girl)    Meaning : Prasanna
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
Prasanthi (Girl)    Meaning : Santham
  -Submitted by: Santi
prasaritha (Girl)    Meaning : prasaritha
  -Submitted by: pavanna
Prashamsa (Girl)    Meaning : praise
  -Submitted by: kp
prashanthi (Girl)    Meaning : peace
  -Submitted by: prasu
Prashna (Girl)    Meaning : Question
  -Submitted by: AnilKYeddu
Prasoona (Girl)    Meaning : Budding Flower
  -Submitted by: Sudha
prasuna (Girl)    Meaning : prasuna
  -Submitted by: rakesh
Pratha (Girl)    Meaning : Pratha
  -Submitted by: Hetal
prathap (Girl)    Meaning : courageous
  -Submitted by: nag
pratheeksha (Girl)    Meaning : pratheeksha
  -Submitted by: navya
prathima (Girl)    Meaning : statue or doll
  -Submitted by: padmavathi
prathusha (Girl)    Meaning : saisudha
  -Submitted by: saisudha
  -Submitted by: SREEDEVI
pratibha (Girl)    Meaning : talent
  -Submitted by: mouni
pratika (Girl)    Meaning : emo
  -Submitted by: venkatesh
Pratima (Girl)    Meaning : Icon
  -Submitted by: Kavya
Pratyaksha (Girl)    Meaning : Respectable
  -Submitted by: Vijaya Kumar
pratyusha (Girl)    Meaning : pratyusha
  -Submitted by: padma
pravalika (Girl)    Meaning : pravalika
  -Submitted by: sowjanya
pravallika (Girl)    Meaning : pravallika
  -Submitted by: purnima
pravanditha (Girl)    Meaning : pravanditha
  -Submitted by: surekha
Pravasini (Girl)    Meaning : The goddes of wealth
  -Submitted by: Satya Ranjan Mishra9312893675
praveena (Girl)    Meaning : talented
  -Submitted by: veena
Pravisha (Girl)    Meaning : Pravisha
  -Submitted by: Vijay Chander
PRAYASTHI (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess
  -Submitted by: LAVANYA
preeta (Girl)    Meaning : the loved one
  -Submitted by: bcd
preethi (Girl)    Meaning : preethi
  -Submitted by: deepthi
Preksha (Girl)    Meaning : Preksha
  -Submitted by: Manas
prema (Girl)    Meaning : love
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
premalatha (Girl)    Meaning : premalatha
  -Submitted by: premalatha
Premi (Girl)    Meaning : lover
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
Premika (Girl)    Meaning : love
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Prerana (Girl)    Meaning : Encourage (Promote)
  -Submitted by: Madhu
prerna (Girl)    Meaning : inspiration
  -Submitted by: suvarna
princy (Girl)    Meaning : princy
  -Submitted by: sridhar
Prisha (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Padmaja
prithika (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: saibhavani
Priya (Girl)    Meaning : Priya
  -Submitted by: Jyothi
priya sree (Girl)    Meaning : priya sree
  -Submitted by: vinil
priyali (Girl)    Meaning : love
  -Submitted by: kishore
Priyamvada (Girl)    Meaning : Lovely face
  -Submitted by: Renuka reddy
Priyanjali (Girl)    Meaning : Cute
  -Submitted by: Geet
priyanka (Girl)    Meaning : priyanka
  -Submitted by: saritha
priyusha (Girl)    Meaning : priyusha
  -Submitted by: rajani
Pudami (Girl)    Meaning : Mother Earth
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
puja (Girl)    Meaning : puja
  -Submitted by: raju
Pujita (Girl)    Meaning : Worshipped
  -Submitted by: Venkatasubbaiah
pujitha (Girl)    Meaning : prayer
  -Submitted by: tungala
Pujya Srita (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshmi devi
  -Submitted by: ashveen
pujysrita (Girl)    Meaning : worshiping lakshmi
  -Submitted by: worshiping lakshmi
puneetha (Girl)    Meaning : pavithra
  -Submitted by: aslesha
Pushkala (Girl)    Meaning : abundance
  -Submitted by: kp
pushpa (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: vanitha
Pushpanjali (Girl)    Meaning : Pushpanjali
  -Submitted by: Harish Bhandari
pushpika (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Pushpitha (Girl)    Meaning : pushpitha
  -Submitted by: Pushpitha
Pushyami (Girl)    Meaning : Star name
  -Submitted by: Pushyami
Pushyaraaga (Girl)    Meaning : a preciosu stone
  -Submitted by: priyanka
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