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Baby names starting with letter N

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Naagasree (Girl)    Meaning : Snake god
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
NADI (Girl)    Meaning : RIVER
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
naga lahari (Girl)    Meaning : naga lahari
  -Submitted by: naga lahari
nagarani (Girl)    Meaning : nagarani
  -Submitted by: nagarani
Naimisha (Girl)    Meaning : a name derived from Naimisharanya
  -Submitted by: Narasimha Babu
nainitha (Girl)    Meaning : nainitha
  -Submitted by: Vijetha
nairita (Girl)    Meaning : nairita
  -Submitted by: surekha
naisha (Girl)    Meaning : naisha
  -Submitted by: raashi
nakshatra (Girl)    Meaning : star
  -Submitted by: vennela
Nalini (Girl)    Meaning : kamalam flower
  -Submitted by: Neha
Namitha (Girl)    Meaning : Humble
  -Submitted by: Srividya
namratha (Girl)    Meaning : river
  -Submitted by: sravanti
namrutha (Girl)    Meaning : namrutha
  -Submitted by: anil
Nanda (Girl)    Meaning : Nanda
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
nandana (Girl)    Meaning : nandana
  -Submitted by: nandana
Nandhita (Girl)    Meaning : nandhta
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
nandini (Girl)    Meaning : nandini
  -Submitted by: srinivasa
nanditha (Girl)    Meaning : nanditha
  -Submitted by: swarna
nani (Girl)    Meaning : nani
  -Submitted by: gender
Nanritha (Girl)    Meaning : Nanritha
  -Submitted by: Sumasathu
nargis (Girl)    Meaning : nargis
  -Submitted by: amisha
narmada (Girl)    Meaning : narmada
  -Submitted by: narmada
nashita (Girl)    Meaning : name of the god lord shiva
  -Submitted by: sirisha
nasima (Girl)    Meaning : nasima
  -Submitted by: sonia
Nava Neetha (Girl)    Meaning : Fresh Butter & Cool Moon
  -Submitted by: Siva Yerramsetty
Navaneetha (Girl)    Meaning : butter
  -Submitted by: hyd123
Navani (Girl)    Meaning : Youthful Woman
  -Submitted by: Anasuya
Navaratna (Girl)    Meaning : 9 diamonds
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
navaya (Girl)    Meaning : navaya
  -Submitted by: madhu
naveena (Girl)    Meaning : new
  -Submitted by: prasadini
navighna (Girl)    Meaning : navighna
  -Submitted by: nathi
navya (Girl)    Meaning : new
  -Submitted by: radhika
navyasree (Girl)    Meaning : new
  -Submitted by: lavanya
navyatha (Girl)    Meaning : new
  -Submitted by: sreedurga
nayana (Girl)    Meaning : nayana
  -Submitted by: prasadini
Nayantara (Girl)    Meaning : Star eyes
  -Submitted by: Anasuya
Nayantara (Girl) Meaning : Star eyes -Submitted by: Anasuya (Girl)    Meaning : gallery
  -Submitted by: komalkumar
Nayonika (Girl)    Meaning : One with beautiful eyes
  -Submitted by: Sheetal
neeha (Girl)    Meaning : love
  -Submitted by: siva.d
Neeharika (Girl)    Meaning : Dew drops,silver lining of cloud,girl admired by looking
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Neelakshi (Girl)    Meaning : Blue eyed, also name of goddess
  -Submitted by: A
neelam (Girl)    Meaning : neelam
  -Submitted by: nivas
Neelambari (Girl)    Meaning : Blue sky
  -Submitted by: Rani
neelavani (Girl)    Meaning : neelavani
  -Submitted by: neelavani
neelima (Girl)    Meaning : neelima
  -Submitted by: neelima
Neeraja (Girl)    Meaning : Lotus
  -Submitted by: Neeraja Devi
neerjara (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess
  -Submitted by: Kiran tangirala
neethi (Girl)    Meaning : always says truth
  -Submitted by: kavitha
neha (Girl)    Meaning : neha
  -Submitted by: swetha
nehadatta (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: sailaja
neharika (Girl)    Meaning : milky way galaxy
  -Submitted by: neharikavishwanath
nethra (Girl)    Meaning : eye
  -Submitted by: Swetha
nethrika (Girl)    Meaning : nethrika
  -Submitted by: bhagavathy pooja
netra (Girl)    Meaning : netra
  -Submitted by: uma
nevali (Girl)    Meaning : nevali
  -Submitted by: dinesh
nicole (Girl)    Meaning : gold
  -Submitted by: nicole
NIDHA (Girl)    Meaning : TREASURE/RICH
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
nidhi (Girl)    Meaning : treasure
  -Submitted by: sree
nidhi chandrika (Girl)    Meaning : moon with jewelery
  -Submitted by: prasad
Nigama (Girl)    Meaning : phrase of music
  -Submitted by: Navatha
nighi (Girl)    Meaning : nighi
  -Submitted by: vasu
Niha (Girl)    Meaning : Niha
  -Submitted by: Prasanna
niharika (Girl)    Meaning : niharika
  -Submitted by: kavitha
nihasai (Girl)    Meaning : nihasai
  -Submitted by: babu
Nihira (Girl)    Meaning : Nihira
  -Submitted by: Sami
nihita (Girl)    Meaning : glory
  -Submitted by: rithu
Nihitha (Girl)    Meaning : Everliving
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Nija (Girl)    Meaning : truth
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
niketha (Girl)    Meaning : niketha
  -Submitted by: francis
nikhila (Girl)    Meaning : nikhila
  -Submitted by: ratna
nikhilalakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi who is in all
  -Submitted by: narayana
nikhita (Girl)    Meaning : strong
  -Submitted by: bindu
nikhitha (Girl)    Meaning : earth , victorious people
  -Submitted by: nikitha
nikitha (Girl)    Meaning : nikitha
  -Submitted by: ramya
Nikshep (Girl)    Meaning : Treasure
  -Submitted by: Nikshep
nikshipta (Girl)    Meaning : treasure
  -Submitted by: souji
nilashri (Girl)    Meaning : blue eyes
  -Submitted by: shiuli
nilayadakshi (Girl)    Meaning : nilayadakshi
  -Submitted by: priya
nimisha (Girl)    Meaning : twinkling of stars
  -Submitted by: swathi
Nimita (Girl)    Meaning : Reason
  -Submitted by: Sami
Nipuna (Girl)    Meaning : Nipuna
  -Submitted by: Giridhar
NIRALI (Girl)    Meaning : Different
  -Submitted by: Silpa
niranjana (Girl)    Meaning : name of the river
  -Submitted by: neelima
nirjala (Girl)    Meaning : without death
  -Submitted by: ramya
nirjara (Girl)    Meaning : deathless
  -Submitted by: keerthi
nirmal (Girl)    Meaning : k
  -Submitted by: mahesh
nirmala (Girl)    Meaning : pleasent
  -Submitted by: nirmala
nirupama (Girl)    Meaning : unique,uncomparable
  -Submitted by: swaroop
Nirvigna (Girl)    Meaning : success in all deeds
  -Submitted by: neema
Nischala (Girl)    Meaning : stable
  -Submitted by: rajesh vinnakota
Nisha (Girl)    Meaning : Nisha
  -Submitted by: Mithun
nishadha (Girl)    Meaning : nishadha
  -Submitted by: sireesha
nishchala (Girl)    Meaning : standing
  -Submitted by: dayakar
Nishigandha (Girl)    Meaning : Sweet Intoxication
  -Submitted by: Pushpa
nishika (Girl)    Meaning : night
  -Submitted by: kiran
nishitha (Girl)    Meaning : nishitha
  -Submitted by: nishitha
nishka (Girl)    Meaning : honest
  -Submitted by: swati
NISHNA (Girl)    Meaning : ONE PART OF VEDAM
  -Submitted by: N.SUBRAHMANYAM
nishta (Girl)    Meaning : bhakti
  -Submitted by: chinnu
nishyanth (Girl)    Meaning : honey
  -Submitted by: dush
nitesha (Girl)    Meaning : nitesha
  -Submitted by: priya
nithisha (Girl)    Meaning : nithisha
  -Submitted by: vijay
Nithya (Girl)    Meaning : always
  -Submitted by: srinithya
Nitika (Girl)    Meaning : Niti-moral ka-person
  -Submitted by: Suhasini
Nitya (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Parvati
  -Submitted by: Kavya
nityasree (Girl)    Meaning : nityasree
  -Submitted by: karthik
Nityavinodhini (Girl)    Meaning : Evergreenjoy
  -Submitted by: Manjukumaracharya
nivea (Girl)    Meaning : cream
  -Submitted by: navya
nivedh (Girl)    Meaning : nivedh
  -Submitted by: sindhu
Nivedita (Girl)    Meaning : Nivedita
  -Submitted by: Chirutha
niveditha (Girl)    Meaning : niveditha
  -Submitted by: sandhya
nivrithi (Girl)    Meaning : nivrithi
  -Submitted by: surekha
nivrutha (Girl)    Meaning : nivrutha
  -Submitted by: vasavi
nivya (Girl)    Meaning : nivya
  -Submitted by: dsreddy
NIYA (Girl)    Meaning : NIYA
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Niyathi (Girl)    Meaning : destiny, supreme power
  -Submitted by: sunichandra
noshini (Girl)    Meaning : noshini
  -Submitted by: sirisha
Nritya (Girl)    Meaning : Nritya
  -Submitted by: swathi
Nruthya (Girl)    Meaning : dance
  -Submitted by: umashanker
Nuthana (Girl)    Meaning : New
  -Submitted by: sahithi reddy
Nymisha (Girl)    Meaning : holly place
  -Submitted by: sree
nyshita (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: sangeeta
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