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Baby names starting with letter M

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Maalinyai (Girl)    Meaning : Saraswathi
  -Submitted by: Chandrasekhar Reddy
Maanasa (Girl)    Meaning : Mind
  -Submitted by: Srividya
maanasa mandhira (Girl)    Meaning : maanasa mandhira
  -Submitted by: swiss
maanasaanjali (Girl)    Meaning : clear focus
  -Submitted by: madhu mohan9988
Maanvi (Girl)    Meaning : Maanvi
  -Submitted by: Sobhan
maanvitha (Girl)    Meaning : being wealthy, beauty and healthy
  -Submitted by: Radhi
maanya (Girl)    Meaning : the respected one
  -Submitted by: bcd
madahvi (Girl)    Meaning : madahvi
  -Submitted by: madhavi
Madan (Girl)    Meaning : Madan
  -Submitted by: SSS
madhavi (Girl)    Meaning : madhavi
  -Submitted by: radha
madhavi latha (Girl)    Meaning : madhavi latha
  -Submitted by: gupta
madhu mathi (Girl)    Meaning : madhu mathi
  -Submitted by: ravindarreddy nalla
Madhu smitha (Girl)    Meaning : Sweet face
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
madhu vamshi (Girl)    Meaning : sweet music from murali
  -Submitted by: madhu vamshi
madhubanu (Girl)    Meaning : madhuram
  -Submitted by: madhu
Madhuha (Girl)    Meaning : sweetness
  -Submitted by: sahithi reddy
madhulika (Girl)    Meaning : madhulika
  -Submitted by: m
madhumita (Girl)    Meaning : madhumita
  -Submitted by: susmita
madhumitha (Girl)    Meaning : honey
  -Submitted by: luxmi
Madhunisha (Girl)    Meaning : Pleasent night
  -Submitted by: Rajasekhar
madhura (Girl)    Meaning : where lord krishna lived
  -Submitted by: vamsee
Madhura Hasini (Girl)    Meaning : A girl with Sweet smile
  -Submitted by: Padmavathi
madhuri (Girl)    Meaning : sweet
  -Submitted by: raj
madhuri deepthi (Girl)    Meaning : madhuri deepthi
  -Submitted by: sathish
madhurika (Girl)    Meaning : madhurika
  -Submitted by: vinod
Madhurima (Girl)    Meaning : Madhurima
  -Submitted by: Swapna
madhurisha (Girl)    Meaning : madhurisha
  -Submitted by: Silpa
madhurya (Girl)    Meaning : madhurya
  -Submitted by: sisira
madhusha (Girl)    Meaning : sweet rays
  -Submitted by: punya
Madhushalini (Girl)    Meaning : Madhushalini
  -Submitted by: Devi
madhuvallika (Girl)    Meaning : madhuvallika
  -Submitted by: Mounika
madulika (Girl)    Meaning : madhuram
  -Submitted by: manu
Maha (Girl)    Meaning : Maha
  -Submitted by: Sujatha Gopu
Maha Devi (Girl)    Meaning : Lakhsmi
  -Submitted by: Katrina
maha laxmi (Girl)    Meaning : madhuri
  -Submitted by: maha laxmi
Mahathi (Girl)    Meaning : Veena in the hands of Narada,One of the lalitha sahasranamam
  -Submitted by: Ramakrishnan
mahati (Girl)    Meaning : naradamuni cheethi lo und eveena
  -Submitted by: madhu
maheswari (Girl)    Meaning : durga
  -Submitted by: ram
mahi (Girl)    Meaning : mahi
  -Submitted by: susee
mahija (Girl)    Meaning : born with praises
  -Submitted by: s bhavani
Mahika (Girl)    Meaning : Earth
  -Submitted by: Srividya
mahima (Girl)    Meaning : magic
  -Submitted by: sree
mahira (Girl)    Meaning : mahira
  -Submitted by: swetha
mahisri (Girl)    Meaning : mahisri
  -Submitted by: sudhakara reddy
Mahita (Girl)    Meaning : Super Natural Powers
  -Submitted by: Mahita
Mahitha (Girl)    Meaning : greatness
  -Submitted by: Mahitha
maithili (Girl)    Meaning : maithili
  -Submitted by: ddd
maitreyi (Girl)    Meaning : frendly
  -Submitted by: uma
mala (Girl)    Meaning : mala
  -Submitted by: THANGARAJ
malathi (Girl)    Meaning : fragrant flowers
  -Submitted by: mmm
Malathi Latha (Girl)    Meaning : a creeping plant that gives beautiful bunches of small white flowers that gives wonderful fragrance
  -Submitted by: mmm
Malavika (Girl)    Meaning : Malavika
  -Submitted by: Siri
MALLESWARI (Girl)    Meaning : Queen
  -Submitted by: Sivaram
Malliswari (Girl)    Meaning : queen of jasmine fragrance
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
mamta (Girl)    Meaning : mamta
  -Submitted by: ashish
mamtha (Girl)    Meaning : love
  -Submitted by: veena
manali (Girl)    Meaning : manali
  -Submitted by: surekha
Manasa (Girl)    Meaning : Manasa
  -Submitted by: Manasa
Manasvi (Girl)    Meaning : Kind hearted
  -Submitted by: Naresh Koneru
Manasvini (Girl)    Meaning : manasvini
  -Submitted by: Manasvini
manaswani (Girl)    Meaning : manaswani
  -Submitted by: manaswani
manaswi (Girl)    Meaning : manaswi
  -Submitted by: swarna
Manaswini (Girl)    Meaning : GoddesLalitha
  -Submitted by: Durga
mandakini (Girl)    Meaning : mandakini
  -Submitted by: surekha
mandira (Girl)    Meaning : mandira
  -Submitted by: priya
MANGALA (Girl)    Meaning : MANGALA
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Manhitha (Girl)    Meaning : Manhitha
  -Submitted by: Samatha
Mani Deepti (Girl)    Meaning : Light from Diamond
  -Submitted by: Parvathi
mani prabha (Girl)    Meaning : money
  -Submitted by: mani prabha
manideep (Girl)    Meaning : gods name
  -Submitted by: manideep
manikarnika (Girl)    Meaning : diamond dropped from lord shivas ear
  -Submitted by: manohar
manini (Girl)    Meaning : manini
  -Submitted by: renuka
manisha (Girl)    Meaning : manisha
  -Submitted by: manasa
manjari (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: manjari
manjeetha (Girl)    Meaning : victory on mind,mond controling
  -Submitted by: s bhavani
Manju (Girl)    Meaning : Sweet
  -Submitted by: Manju
Manjula (Girl)    Meaning : Melodious music
  -Submitted by: Manas
manjula vani (Girl)    Meaning : manjula vani
  -Submitted by: manjula .vani
manjusha (Girl)    Meaning : siva
  -Submitted by: m
Manogna (Girl)    Meaning : who shares knowledge
  -Submitted by: Sujatha
Manoja (Girl)    Meaning : Love; Springing from the intellect
  -Submitted by: Manoja
manojna (Girl)    Meaning : goddess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: kalyani
mansha (Girl)    Meaning : a wish
  -Submitted by: mansha
mansi (Girl)    Meaning : good heart
  -Submitted by: krishnapriya
manthana (Girl)    Meaning : manthana
  -Submitted by: prithivi
MANTRA (Girl)    Meaning : MANTRA
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
manusha (Girl)    Meaning : manusha
  -Submitted by: manusha
manushri (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi
  -Submitted by: mansi mohan
Manvi (Girl)    Meaning : Manvi
  -Submitted by: Prasanna
manvitha (Girl)    Meaning : manvitha
  -Submitted by: suneela
maruthi (Girl)    Meaning : maruthi
  -Submitted by: valabha
mathu (Girl)    Meaning : mathu
  -Submitted by: sonia
mAYA (Girl)    Meaning : mAYA
  -Submitted by: Mayur
mayank (Girl)    Meaning : mayank
  -Submitted by: ram
Mayukha (Girl)    Meaning : Veena(A musical Instrument)
  -Submitted by: Rekha Reddy
Mayukhi (Girl)    Meaning : Kanak durga called as Mayukhi andPeacock feathers
  -Submitted by: Ajay Kumari
Mayuri (Girl)    Meaning : peacock
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
Meena (Girl)    Meaning : Fish (in sanskit language )
  -Submitted by: Meena Kumari
Meenakshi (Girl)    Meaning : A girl with eyes like fish eyes(which are beautiful)
  -Submitted by: Meena Kumari
Mega Varshini (Girl)    Meaning : Mega Varshini
  -Submitted by: Ravichandra.chittala
megana (Girl)    Meaning : clouds
  -Submitted by: Lakshmi
megavardhini (Girl)    Meaning : megavardhini
  -Submitted by: muthuraja
megavarnitha (Girl)    Meaning : sky coloured girl
  -Submitted by: surendra nellore
  -Submitted by: MEGHA
meghala (Girl)    Meaning : meghala
  -Submitted by: venkatramaiah
meghamala (Girl)    Meaning : meghamala
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
Meghana (Girl)    Meaning : Cloud
  -Submitted by: Kavya
Meghna (Girl)    Meaning : Meghna
  -Submitted by: Meghna Reddy
meha (Girl)    Meaning : meha
  -Submitted by: meha
mehak (Girl)    Meaning : good smell
  -Submitted by: krishnachaitanya
mehek (Girl)    Meaning : fragrance
  -Submitted by: swapna
melinda (Girl)    Meaning : sweet
  -Submitted by: royston
melonee (Girl)    Meaning : melonee
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
menaka (Girl)    Meaning : celestial damsel
  -Submitted by: naveen
meshwa (Girl)    Meaning : meshwa
  -Submitted by: grishma
Metha (Girl)    Meaning : methassu, vignanam
  -Submitted by: Pallavi
metha maliha (Girl)    Meaning : having intellegence,beauty&strength
  -Submitted by: veeranna
Midhila (Girl)    Meaning : Midhila
  -Submitted by: lohitha
mihika (Girl)    Meaning : dew drop
  -Submitted by: vennela
mihira (Girl)    Meaning : mihira
  -Submitted by: pavan
mili (Girl)    Meaning : mili
  -Submitted by: susee
minnu (Girl)    Meaning : sky
  -Submitted by: aruna jyothi
Misha (Girl)    Meaning : misha
  -Submitted by: amrutha
mithali (Girl)    Meaning : mithali
  -Submitted by: siva
MITHRAVINDA (Girl)    Meaning : friendly and nice girl
  -Submitted by: Surekha
mithuna (Girl)    Meaning : mithuna
  -Submitted by: sudhakarreddy
mohana (Girl)    Meaning : lord mohini
  -Submitted by: laxmi sindhuja
moksha (Girl)    Meaning : moksha
  -Submitted by: chinni
moksham (Girl)    Meaning : salvation
  -Submitted by: swati
mokshita (Girl)    Meaning : mokshita
  -Submitted by: chinni
mona (Girl)    Meaning : mona
  -Submitted by: vinil
Monalisa (Girl)    Meaning : Smiling beauty
  -Submitted by: Monalisa Reddy
monisa (Girl)    Meaning : intelegent
  -Submitted by: bgopal
monisha (Girl)    Meaning : monisha
  -Submitted by: pallavi
monitha (Girl)    Meaning : monitha
  -Submitted by: devi
moukthika (Girl)    Meaning : Godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: AAA
Mouktika (Girl)    Meaning : Pearl(Mutyam in telugu)
  -Submitted by: Nalam Ravi
Moulika (Girl)    Meaning : Moulika
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
Moulitha (Girl)    Meaning : Moulitha
  -Submitted by: prasad
moulya (Girl)    Meaning : presious
  -Submitted by: jhansi
moumati (Girl)    Meaning : moumati
  -Submitted by: surekha
Mouna (Girl)    Meaning : Silence
  -Submitted by: Gouri latha
mounibrunda (Girl)    Meaning : mounibrunda
  -Submitted by: ravi
mounika (Girl)    Meaning : mounika
  -Submitted by: sree
mouthika (Girl)    Meaning : mouthika
  -Submitted by: reddy
Mridini (Girl)    Meaning : Parvathi Devi
  -Submitted by: VijayaRekha
mriganayani (Girl)    Meaning : deer eye
  -Submitted by: rakesh
mrinali (Girl)    Meaning : mrinali
  -Submitted by: sushma
mrinalini (Girl)    Meaning : mrinalini
  -Submitted by: arch D
Mrudhubashini (Girl)    Meaning : Chakkati Swabvam
  -Submitted by: Satish
mrudula (Girl)    Meaning : tender and beautiful
  -Submitted by: srilatha
mruduvani (Girl)    Meaning : mruduvani
  -Submitted by: arch D
mrugnayani (Girl)    Meaning : Deer Eyes
  -Submitted by: Uncle
Mrunalini (Girl)    Meaning : mrunalini
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Mrunmayi (Girl)    Meaning : Mrunmayi
  -Submitted by: Ajay Kumari
Mudhita (Girl)    Meaning : Mudita
  -Submitted by: Hima Bindu
mudra (Girl)    Meaning : symbol
  -Submitted by: archana
mugdha (Girl)    Meaning : mugdha
  -Submitted by: Loki
mukulika (Girl)    Meaning : mukulika
  -Submitted by: surekha
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
mukunda priya (Girl)    Meaning : lover of krishna (radha)
  -Submitted by: vasavi
munni (Girl)    Meaning : munni
  -Submitted by: sunil
muskan (Girl)    Meaning : smile
  -Submitted by: farida
Mynah (Girl)    Meaning : Bird Myna
  -Submitted by: Abraham
mythili (Girl)    Meaning : mythili
  -Submitted by: madhuri
Mythri (Girl)    Meaning : friendship
  -Submitted by: suma
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