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Baby names starting with letter L

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Laahini (Girl)    Meaning : Laahini
  -Submitted by: Kumar
laalanasri (Girl)    Meaning : love from anjal
  -Submitted by: madhu mohan9988
laalitya (Girl)    Meaning : laalitya
  -Submitted by: shipra
Laasya (Girl)    Meaning : Laasya
  -Submitted by: Swetha
laasya priya (Girl)    Meaning : dance perform by parvathi
  -Submitted by: arunag
lahari (Girl)    Meaning : sweet music
  -Submitted by: shilpa
lakshita (Girl)    Meaning : distinguish
  -Submitted by: yadav
lakshmi (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi
  -Submitted by: satish
lakshmi chaithanya (Girl)    Meaning : movement
  -Submitted by: lakshmi chaithanya
lakshmi prasanna (Girl)    Meaning : one of the name of lord lakshmi
  -Submitted by: srihita
Lakshmi Saraswati (Girl)    Meaning : Those people have money and education
  -Submitted by: Srinivas
Lakshna (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshna
  -Submitted by: Suneetha
lakuma (Girl)    Meaning : ammavariperu
  -Submitted by: laxmi
Lalana (Girl)    Meaning : lalana
  -Submitted by: Laasya
lalasa (Girl)    Meaning : passion in first love
  -Submitted by: lalasa
lali (Girl)    Meaning : sweetgirl
  -Submitted by: anunita
Lalini (Girl)    Meaning : Smooth
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Lalitha (Girl)    Meaning : Pretty, Sensitive and other name for Godess Parvathi
  -Submitted by: Lalitha
Lalitya (Girl)    Meaning : Lalitya
  -Submitted by: laxmi
laqshya (Girl)    Meaning : laqshya
  -Submitted by: savari
lasya (Girl)    Meaning : smile,laugh
  -Submitted by: lasyapriya
lasya priya (Girl)    Meaning : pravathi liked the dance of lord siva,the dance name is the name came like lasya priya.
  -Submitted by: sukla
Lasya Sri (Girl)    Meaning : pravathi liked the dance of lord siva,the dance name is the name came like lasya priya that is changed with Sri Means Lakshmi.
  -Submitted by: Siva Yerramsetty
latesha (Girl)    Meaning : latesha
  -Submitted by: surekha
latha (Girl)    Meaning : latha
  -Submitted by: Saraa
latha sree (Girl)    Meaning : latha sree
  -Submitted by: vinil
lathasri (Girl)    Meaning : lathasri
  -Submitted by: sudha
latika (Girl)    Meaning : sting of flower(poolatiga)
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
lauhitya (Girl)    Meaning : a river
  -Submitted by: sireesha
Lavanya (Girl)    Meaning : Flower
  -Submitted by: Kavya
laxmi prasanna (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi prasanna
  -Submitted by: prasad
laxmi rao (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi rao
  -Submitted by: nagurammal
laxmisri (Girl)    Meaning : lord laxmidevi
  -Submitted by: sreesri
layana (Girl)    Meaning : layana
  -Submitted by: amisha
Leela (Girl)    Meaning : Leela
  -Submitted by: Manjula
Leena (Girl)    Meaning : Leena
  -Submitted by: sindhu
Lekha (Girl)    Meaning : letter
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
lekhana (Girl)    Meaning : writer
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
lekhna (Girl)    Meaning : lekhna
  -Submitted by: padma
Lekhya (Girl)    Meaning : something dat can be written
  -Submitted by: Lekhya
lekya (Girl)    Meaning : can be write
  -Submitted by: Aruna Jyothi
lenina (Girl)    Meaning : lenina
  -Submitted by: pooja
Lepakshi (Girl)    Meaning : Lepakshi
  -Submitted by: Ram
likhila (Girl)    Meaning : godess saraswati
  -Submitted by: supriya
likhita (Girl)    Meaning : means writing
  -Submitted by: likhita
likitha (Girl)    Meaning : likitha
  -Submitted by: sowmya
likitha krishna sai (Girl)    Meaning : likitha krishna sai
  -Submitted by: anu
lily (Girl)    Meaning : lily flower
  -Submitted by: sreesritha
linda (Girl)    Meaning : linda
  -Submitted by: guna
lipika (Girl)    Meaning : script
  -Submitted by: sowjanya
lishitha (Girl)    Meaning : lishitha
  -Submitted by: lishitha
lithi (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: suma
livya (Girl)    Meaning : livya
  -Submitted by: uma
lochana (Girl)    Meaning : thiniking
  -Submitted by: reshma
lohini (Girl)    Meaning : lohini
  -Submitted by: ,keerthi
LOHITA (Girl)    Meaning : LOHITA
  -Submitted by: DSGDG
Lohitha (Girl)    Meaning : Lohitha
  -Submitted by: Lohitha
lola (Girl)    Meaning : godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: chandana reddy
lolakshi (Girl)    Meaning : lolakshi
  -Submitted by: laxmi
Lolitha (Girl)    Meaning : Lolitha
  -Submitted by: Indu
lopa mudhra (Girl)    Meaning : there is no faults
  -Submitted by: rajeevi
lopa mudra (Girl)    Meaning : lopa mudra
  -Submitted by: lavanya
Loukika (Girl)    Meaning : Loukika
  -Submitted by: Suneetha
loukya (Girl)    Meaning : wise words
  -Submitted by: ushasri dacharam
Lowkika (Girl)    Meaning : Diplomat girl
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Lowkya (Girl)    Meaning : lowkyam thelisina vaallu
  -Submitted by: Srikanth P
LUMBINI (Girl)    Meaning : BUDDHAS NAME
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
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