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Baby names starting with letter K

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Kaarthika (Girl)    Meaning : Kaarthika
  -Submitted by: Sandhya
kaarthisha (Girl)    Meaning : kaarthisha
  -Submitted by: Rajitha
Kaashika (Girl)    Meaning : Kaashi (banaras )
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Kadali (Girl)    Meaning : Sea
  -Submitted by: Chanda praveen
kajal (Girl)    Meaning : aiswary in eyes
  -Submitted by: kajal
kajol (Girl)    Meaning : preity
  -Submitted by: amisha
kajorina (Girl)    Meaning : kajorina
  -Submitted by: surekha
Kala (Girl)    Meaning : Art
  -Submitted by: Sridhar Akula
Kalanjali (Girl)    Meaning : Kalanjali
  -Submitted by: Dev.Ranva
kalavathy (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Saraswathi
  -Submitted by: sunder
kalavati (Girl)    Meaning : composition in music
  -Submitted by: sonu
kalika (Girl)    Meaning : kalika
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
kalpana (Girl)    Meaning : imagenation
  -Submitted by: kalpana
kalpavalli (Girl)    Meaning : durga
  -Submitted by: shyam sundar
kalpitha (Girl)    Meaning : kalpitha
  -Submitted by: sunitha
Kalyani (Girl)    Meaning : auspicious, beautiful
  -Submitted by: Kalyani
kamakshi (Girl)    Meaning : epithet of durga devi
  -Submitted by: gowri sankar
Kamala (Girl)    Meaning : Kamala
  -Submitted by: sweety
Kamali (Girl)    Meaning : Flower
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Kamalika (Girl)    Meaning : godess Lakshimi
  -Submitted by: chinnu
Kamalini (Girl)    Meaning : godess Lakshimi
  -Submitted by: chinnu
kanaka (Girl)    Meaning : Gold
  -Submitted by: kanaka
kanakadhara (Girl)    Meaning : flow of gold
  -Submitted by: kanaka
kanishka (Girl)    Meaning : kanishka
  -Submitted by: rithu
kanupriya (Girl)    Meaning : kanupriya
  -Submitted by: jyoti
kanya (Girl)    Meaning : young
  -Submitted by: surekha
KARPURA (Girl)    Meaning : KARPURA
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
karunika (Girl)    Meaning : kind
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
kashika (Girl)    Meaning : star name
  -Submitted by: sailaja shantaram
kashish (Girl)    Meaning : attraction
  -Submitted by: priya
kashvi (Girl)    Meaning : kashvi
  -Submitted by: preethi
kashyapi (Girl)    Meaning : goddess of earth
  -Submitted by: Anupama
Kasturi (Girl)    Meaning : Kasturi
  -Submitted by: Venugopaal K
kathya (Girl)    Meaning : kathya
  -Submitted by: kavya
Katyayani (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Parvathi
  -Submitted by: ChinniMadhu
Kaulini (Girl)    Meaning : Destroyer of problems
  -Submitted by: yamini pratyusha
kaumudi (Girl)    Meaning : saraswathi devi cheethi lo unde veena peru
  -Submitted by: madhu
kavita (Girl)    Meaning : kavita
  -Submitted by: satish
Kavitha (Girl)    Meaning : Poet
  -Submitted by: Kavitha
kaviya dharshini (Girl)    Meaning : kaviya dharshini
  -Submitted by: yamini
kavya (Girl)    Meaning : kavya
  -Submitted by: allup
keerthana (Girl)    Meaning : god songs
  -Submitted by: keer
Keerthana Reddy (Girl)    Meaning : Song of God
  -Submitted by: MrsVaralakshmi Surendhranath Reddy
keerthi (Girl)    Meaning : fame
  -Submitted by: keerthi
keerthika (Girl)    Meaning : A great name
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
keerti (Girl)    Meaning : keerti
  -Submitted by: ananya
keervani (Girl)    Meaning : goddess
  -Submitted by: parama hamsa
keya (Girl)    Meaning : sweet
  -Submitted by: meghna
khavya (Girl)    Meaning : poem
  -Submitted by: kalyani
khushi (Girl)    Meaning : happyness
  -Submitted by: vidya
kinera (Girl)    Meaning : kinera
  -Submitted by: vasu
kiran jyothi (Girl)    Meaning : kiran jyothi
  -Submitted by: kranthi
kiranjyothi (Girl)    Meaning : kiranjyothi
  -Submitted by: kranthi
kiranmai (Girl)    Meaning : ownresistancepower
  -Submitted by: ratnamma
kiranmayi (Girl)    Meaning : group of bright rays
  -Submitted by: srivalli
kiruthika (Girl)    Meaning : kiruthika
  -Submitted by: surekha
Koby (Girl)    Meaning : Jaren
  -Submitted by: Angelo
komal (Girl)    Meaning : komal
  -Submitted by: komali
komal spandana (Girl)    Meaning : komal spandana
  -Submitted by: sunitha
komali (Girl)    Meaning : sencitive
  -Submitted by: anu
komalika (Girl)    Meaning : sensitive
  -Submitted by: sridharswc
komalini (Girl)    Meaning : komalini
  -Submitted by: sunil
Kotishri (Girl)    Meaning : A name for Durga
  -Submitted by: Shivaji
Koumadi (Girl)    Meaning : Vennela
  -Submitted by: sandhya polineni
kousaki (Girl)    Meaning : kousaki
  -Submitted by: sireesha
KOUSALYA (Girl)    Meaning : Ramas mother
  -Submitted by: swetha
Kousha (Girl)    Meaning : Kousha
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Koushika (Girl)    Meaning : Koushika
  -Submitted by: sandhya
koustuba (Girl)    Meaning : koustuba
  -Submitted by: sandhya
kovida (Girl)    Meaning : kovida
  -Submitted by: kovida
Kraanti (Girl)    Meaning : revolution
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
krish (Girl)    Meaning : knowledge
  -Submitted by: kishore
krishana chatiyana (Girl)    Meaning : krishana chatiyana
  -Submitted by: vinil
krishana sree (Girl)    Meaning : krishana sree
  -Submitted by: vinil
Krishanthi (Girl)    Meaning : Flower
  -Submitted by: Kri
krishna nidhi (Girl)    Meaning : krishna nidhi
  -Submitted by: Rajesh
krishna priya (Girl)    Meaning : loveble
  -Submitted by: jojo
krithika (Girl)    Meaning : krithika
  -Submitted by: rohini
kritika (Girl)    Meaning : kritika
  -Submitted by: kritika
kriya (Girl)    Meaning : future
  -Submitted by: swathi
kruthi (Girl)    Meaning : one of godess lakshmi name
  -Submitted by: bharathi
kruthika (Girl)    Meaning : kruthika
  -Submitted by: sarath
Kruti (Girl)    Meaning : word Assembling
  -Submitted by: Veena
kshama (Girl)    Meaning : lighter
  -Submitted by: vanitha
kshaya (Girl)    Meaning : less energetic and calm
  -Submitted by: Surekha
Ksheera (Girl)    Meaning : Amrutham
  -Submitted by: Gouri latha
ksheeraja (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess MahaLakshmi
  -Submitted by: Sudharsan
kshirabdi (Girl)    Meaning : laxmideviperu
  -Submitted by: laxmipingali
kshiragnya (Girl)    Meaning : pure as milk
  -Submitted by: surekha
kshiraja (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi
  -Submitted by: shashidhar
kshithi (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: san
kshitija (Girl)    Meaning : Queen of universe
  -Submitted by: deepa
kuchalitha (Girl)    Meaning : always doner
  -Submitted by: anil kumar
kumuda (Girl)    Meaning : who is happy to be in this world
  -Submitted by: Gayatri
Kumudini (Girl)    Meaning : Kumudini
  -Submitted by: ChinniMadhu
kundana (Girl)    Meaning : pure
  -Submitted by: anjali
kushi (Girl)    Meaning : happiness
  -Submitted by: sita
Kusuma (Girl)    Meaning : Flower
  -Submitted by: Ramana
Kusumita (Girl)    Meaning : Flowers in Bloom
  -Submitted by: Srividya
kyathi (Girl)    Meaning : prestigeous
  -Submitted by: hasini
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