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Baby names starting with letter J

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JAABILI (Girl)    Meaning : MOON
  -Submitted by: USHA
jabili (Girl)    Meaning : moon
  -Submitted by: kiran
Jagathi (Girl)    Meaning : WOrld
  -Submitted by: Jagathi
JAGRUTHI (Girl)    Meaning : JAGRUTHI
  -Submitted by: USHA
jagruti (Girl)    Meaning : jagruti
  -Submitted by: surekha
Jahnavi (Girl)    Meaning : Ganga Devi
  -Submitted by: Swapna
jaina (Girl)    Meaning : jaina
  -Submitted by: vidya
jaisree (Girl)    Meaning : jaisree
  -Submitted by: vinil
Jaitha Shree (Girl)    Meaning : sangeetham lo oka ragam peru
  -Submitted by: Geetha
jaji (Girl)    Meaning : jaji
  -Submitted by: kiran
jajisree (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: navanita
Jajwalya (Girl)    Meaning : Brightness of flames from Yagna, Yaga, Homa, etc.
  -Submitted by: Ramesh
jalaja (Girl)    Meaning : flower
  -Submitted by: sushma
jalandara (Girl)    Meaning : water flow
  -Submitted by: sireesha
Jalathi (Girl)    Meaning : Water
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
jamuna (Girl)    Meaning : jamuna
  -Submitted by: jamuna
Janakaja (Girl)    Meaning : Sitha
  -Submitted by: Gowri
janaki (Girl)    Meaning : Sita
  -Submitted by: Janakimurthy
janani (Girl)    Meaning : amma, mother
  -Submitted by: rajibalram
jananya (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: uma
janapriya (Girl)    Meaning : neeku enduku
  -Submitted by: paniledu
Janisha (Girl)    Meaning : Dispelle of ignorance
  -Submitted by: Vijaya
janishyathi (Girl)    Meaning : future
  -Submitted by: sreedurga
Jannanya (Girl)    Meaning : Jannanya
  -Submitted by: Anitha
jashitha (Girl)    Meaning : jashitha
  -Submitted by: manju
jashna (Girl)    Meaning : sanskrit word
  -Submitted by: G.M.rao
jashwanthi (Girl)    Meaning : jashwanthi
  -Submitted by: shankaraiah
jasmine (Girl)    Meaning : jasmine
  -Submitted by: suresh
Jasmita (Girl)    Meaning : Jasmita
  -Submitted by: Kavi
JASMITHA (Girl)    Meaning : Smiles
  -Submitted by: JyothiBoneni
jasnoor (Girl)    Meaning : jasnoor
  -Submitted by: Amneeth
jaswita (Girl)    Meaning : sid
  -Submitted by: sid
jaswitha (Girl)    Meaning : sid
  -Submitted by: mahesh
Jathina (Girl)    Meaning : Jathina
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
jatin (Girl)    Meaning : lord shiva
  -Submitted by: siri
jaya (Girl)    Meaning : jaya
  -Submitted by: giteesjh
jayadev (Girl)    Meaning : a famous poet name
  -Submitted by: pavithra
jayapal (Girl)    Meaning : jayapal
  -Submitted by: mahesh
jayashree (Girl)    Meaning : victory
  -Submitted by: ycschowdary
jayasree (Girl)    Meaning : jayasree
  -Submitted by: jayasree
Jayeswari (Girl)    Meaning : Goddes of victory
  -Submitted by: Rama/hyd
jaytreyee (Girl)    Meaning : jaytreyee
  -Submitted by: raj
jeanani (Girl)    Meaning : earth, boomatha
  -Submitted by: sanjeevakumar
Jeevana (Girl)    Meaning : Life
  -Submitted by: GowriRamakrishna
JEEVIKA (Girl)    Meaning : WATER
  -Submitted by: Neelu
Jenya (Girl)    Meaning : Truth in Sanskrit
  -Submitted by: Jhanvi
Jeshta (Girl)    Meaning : Laxmi
  -Submitted by: Khanna
jessi veena (Girl)    Meaning : jessi veena
  -Submitted by: joseph
Jhanavi (Girl)    Meaning : Jhanavi
  -Submitted by: Vijetha
jhansi (Girl)    Meaning : jhansi
  -Submitted by: jhansi
JHANU (Girl)    Meaning : girlfriend
  -Submitted by: N.sandeep
jhanvi (Girl)    Meaning : jhanvi
  -Submitted by: mamatha
Jigisha (Girl)    Meaning : Superior
  -Submitted by: Anitha Srinivas
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Jitya (Girl)    Meaning : Happiness
  -Submitted by: Ramakrishna
Jiya (Girl)    Meaning : Heart
  -Submitted by: Dharmesh
Jodha (Girl)    Meaning : Warrior
  -Submitted by: Nivas
johitha (Girl)    Meaning : jasmine
  -Submitted by: phani
joshita (Girl)    Meaning : joshita
  -Submitted by: krisre
Joshitha (Girl)    Meaning : Pleased
  -Submitted by: Ramana
joshitha reddy (Girl)    Meaning : pleased
  -Submitted by: tejonidhi
JOSYA (Girl)    Meaning : Delightfulness
  -Submitted by: Prathap Reddy
joytshna sree (Girl)    Meaning : joytshna sree
  -Submitted by: ramu
juhitha (Girl)    Meaning : jasmine
  -Submitted by: gayathri
Justin (Girl)    Meaning : Jon
  -Submitted by: Nolan
jwala (Girl)    Meaning : light
  -Submitted by: sree
Jwalitha (Girl)    Meaning : Jwalitha
  -Submitted by: Rajesh
jyoshana (Girl)    Meaning : jyoshana
  -Submitted by: vinil
jyothi (Girl)    Meaning : light
  -Submitted by: vanitha
  -Submitted by: SATISH KUMAR
jyothika (Girl)    Meaning : jyothika
  -Submitted by: siri
jyothirmai (Girl)    Meaning : light in life
  -Submitted by: pinky
jyothirmye (Girl)    Meaning : one who fills light in others lives
  -Submitted by: jyothirmye
Jyothsna (Girl)    Meaning : Moon light
  -Submitted by: Jyothsna
jyotsna (Girl)    Meaning : jyotsna
  -Submitted by: randheer
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