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  -Submitted by: tejaswi
  -Submitted by: Swetha
  -Submitted by: Chary
  -Submitted by: Swetha
  -Submitted by: rachana
  -Submitted by: swathi
  -Submitted by: ram
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Baby names starting with letter H

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haarathi (Girl)    Meaning : haarathi
  -Submitted by: muni
Haarati (Girl)    Meaning : God Lamp -Haarati
  -Submitted by: Reshmi
Haarika (Girl)    Meaning : Haarika
  -Submitted by: Sandhya
haasika (Girl)    Meaning : haasika
  -Submitted by: thiru
haasini (Girl)    Meaning : haasini
  -Submitted by: kavitha
hadvitha (Girl)    Meaning : hadvitha
  -Submitted by: rajani
haindavi (Girl)    Meaning : i dont know
  -Submitted by: srikanth
  -Submitted by: KARNATI
Hamsanaari (Girl)    Meaning : swan
  -Submitted by: surekha
hamsavahini (Girl)    Meaning : saraswatidevi
  -Submitted by: kanaka
hamsi (Girl)    Meaning : swam
  -Submitted by: bindu
Hamsika (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful Swan
  -Submitted by: Deepika
Hamsini (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Saraswati
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Haneesh (Girl)    Meaning : Haneesh
  -Submitted by: Naveen
haneesha (Girl)    Meaning : unresistable
  -Submitted by: hj
Hanshita (Girl)    Meaning : Swan of godess saraswathi
  -Submitted by: Chary
hanshitha (Girl)    Meaning : hanshitha
  -Submitted by: tejaswi
Hansika (Girl)    Meaning : Swan
  -Submitted by: Ramana
Hansini (Girl)    Meaning : Swan
  -Submitted by: padmakiran
Hansuja (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Laxmi Devi
  -Submitted by: Shyam
Hanusha (Girl)    Meaning : Hanuman
  -Submitted by: Kiran
hanushka (Girl)    Meaning : hanushka
  -Submitted by: vinil
happy (Girl)    Meaning : happy
  -Submitted by: sruthi
HARATHI (Girl)    Meaning : GODS HARATHI
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
  -Submitted by: GAYATHRI
hari priya (Girl)    Meaning : hari priya
  -Submitted by: madhuri
harika (Girl)    Meaning : lord srihari"s wife lakshmi
  -Submitted by: samatha
harika reddy (Girl)    Meaning : harika reddy
  -Submitted by: harish
harinakshi (Girl)    Meaning : doe eye
  -Submitted by: sudharani
harini (Girl)    Meaning : harini
  -Submitted by: sandhya
  -Submitted by: Amar
HARITH (Girl)    Meaning : god
  -Submitted by: adi
Haritha (Girl)    Meaning : Green
  -Submitted by: haritha
haritha bhanu (Girl)    Meaning : haritha bhanu
  -Submitted by: haritha bhanu
harnita (Girl)    Meaning : locket
  -Submitted by: ronnie
Harshini (Girl)    Meaning : Happy
  -Submitted by: Uma
harshita (Girl)    Meaning : joy
  -Submitted by: harini
harshitha (Girl)    Meaning : harshitha
  -Submitted by: priya
harshna (Girl)    Meaning : happiness
  -Submitted by: vidya
harthika (Girl)    Meaning : harthika
  -Submitted by: lalitha
hasana (Girl)    Meaning : smilly
  -Submitted by: prabhakar.sharu
haseena (Girl)    Meaning : beautifull and always smile
  -Submitted by: sweety
HASHINI (Girl)    Meaning : HASHINI
  -Submitted by: LEE
Hasina (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Hasini (Girl)    Meaning : Joyful
  -Submitted by: Jyothi
Hasita (Girl)    Meaning : Full of laughter
  -Submitted by: Srividya
hasita maalya (Girl)    Meaning : always smiling
  -Submitted by: sailaja
Hasitha (Girl)    Meaning : Cheerful
  -Submitted by: Surekkha
Hassini (Girl)    Meaning : happiness
  -Submitted by: madhuri
Haswitha (Girl)    Meaning : Haswitha
  -Submitted by: Lavanya
Hasya (Girl)    Meaning : chiru naavvu.....a smile
  -Submitted by: neethi
Havana (Girl)    Meaning : yagnamu
  -Submitted by: samala bhavani
Havisha (Girl)    Meaning : Havisha
  -Submitted by: Vijay
Hema (Girl)    Meaning : Gold
  -Submitted by: Narendra
hema naga prathima (Girl)    Meaning : hema naga prathima
  -Submitted by: vanajakshi
hemadharshini (Girl)    Meaning : hemadharshini
  -Submitted by: bala
hemantha (Girl)    Meaning : hemantha
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
hemanthi (Girl)    Meaning : hemanthi
  -Submitted by: hemani
hemanya (Girl)    Meaning : hemanya
  -Submitted by: suneetha
Hemavathi (Girl)    Meaning : Hemavathi
  -Submitted by: Suhasini
hena (Girl)    Meaning : hena
  -Submitted by: neha
hima (Girl)    Meaning : haima
  -Submitted by: anitha
Hima Bindu (Girl)    Meaning : Dew Drop/ Name of Goddess
  -Submitted by: Ramesh
Hima Sameera (Girl)    Meaning : Cool Breeze
  -Submitted by: Madhavi Gude
Hima Varsha (Girl)    Meaning : snow rain
  -Submitted by: prasanthi
Hima Varshini (Girl)    Meaning : Manchu
  -Submitted by: Rajini
Himaja (Girl)    Meaning : The one born in Snow (Parvathi Devi)
  -Submitted by: Radhika
himani (Girl)    Meaning : parvathi
  -Submitted by: hima
Himantha (Girl)    Meaning : End of the snow
  -Submitted by: VenuGopal
Himashaila (Girl)    Meaning : Himashaila
  -Submitted by: Lakshmi Reddy
himatha (Girl)    Meaning : Always smiling, fog, snow,
  -Submitted by: rashmi
Himavarsha (Girl)    Meaning : Himavarsha
  -Submitted by: kiran
Himesh (Girl)    Meaning : Himesh
  -Submitted by: shilpa
Hiranya (Girl)    Meaning : Hiranya
  -Submitted by: harsha
hiranya kruthi (Girl)    Meaning : bright
  -Submitted by: surekha
Hita (Girl)    Meaning : Friendly
  -Submitted by: Jahnavi
Hitaishi (Girl)    Meaning : well wisher
  -Submitted by: Swapna Gayathri
Hithisha (Girl)    Meaning : Hithisha
  -Submitted by: saritha
honey (Girl)    Meaning : honey
  -Submitted by: kavitha
hridya (Girl)    Meaning : sweetheart
  -Submitted by: vijaya
Hrishithi (Girl)    Meaning : Hrishithi
  -Submitted by: Kalpana
Hrithika (Girl)    Meaning : who smiles all the time
  -Submitted by: raj
Hritika (Girl)    Meaning : Hritika
  -Submitted by: Nalini
Hrittika (Girl)    Meaning : All stars power in favor of
  -Submitted by: Ashutosh
hrudaya (Girl)    Meaning : hearted
  -Submitted by: ramya sri
Hrudhvi (Girl)    Meaning : hrudhvi
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Hrudhya (Girl)    Meaning : Heart touching
  -Submitted by: Kalyan Kishore
Hyma (Girl)    Meaning : Parvathi
  -Submitted by: Veer
Hymavathi (Girl)    Meaning : Hymavathi
  -Submitted by: Seru
hyndavi (Girl)    Meaning : hyndava samskruthi
  -Submitted by: sudheer
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