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Baby names starting with letter D

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Daamini (Girl)    Meaning : Lightening
  -Submitted by: Jagadeesh
Dairyani (Girl)    Meaning : brave girl
  -Submitted by: Dairyani
Daksha (Girl)    Meaning : Name of goddess Parvati
  -Submitted by: Siri
dakshayini (Girl)    Meaning : dakshayini
  -Submitted by: prasanna
dakshita (Girl)    Meaning : dakshita
  -Submitted by: gopal reddy
darani (Girl)    Meaning : darani
  -Submitted by: darani
darmesh (Girl)    Meaning : dar
  -Submitted by: venugopalkrishna.p
Darpana (Girl)    Meaning : Mirror
  -Submitted by: Raj
Darshana (Girl)    Meaning : Darshana
  -Submitted by: Raj
darshanti (Girl)    Meaning : darshanti
  -Submitted by: darshanti
datrija (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: rajani
davinya (Girl)    Meaning : beloved
  -Submitted by: ravi
debashmi (Girl)    Meaning : debashmi
  -Submitted by: deepti
dedeepya (Girl)    Meaning : glowing
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
dedipya (Girl)    Meaning : shining
  -Submitted by: kalyani
deedipya (Girl)    Meaning : bright
  -Submitted by: sreedurga
deeksha (Girl)    Meaning : deeksha
  -Submitted by: praveena
deekshanjani (Girl)    Meaning : pattudala
  -Submitted by: sree
deekshika (Girl)    Meaning : talkative
  -Submitted by: jojo
deekshita (Girl)    Meaning : deekshita
  -Submitted by: N Ravi Shankar
deekshitha (Girl)    Meaning : concentration
  -Submitted by: jojo
deepa (Girl)    Meaning : Lamp
  -Submitted by: deepa
deepali (Girl)    Meaning : velugu
  -Submitted by: sree
deepanwita (Girl)    Meaning : deepanwita
  -Submitted by: surekha
deepanwitha (Girl)    Meaning : deewali
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
deepika (Girl)    Meaning : light
  -Submitted by: swapna
Deepna (Girl)    Meaning : Deepna
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
deepshika (Girl)    Meaning : deepshika
  -Submitted by: sindura
deepsitha (Girl)    Meaning : moonlight
  -Submitted by: lavanya
Deeptha Manika (Girl)    Meaning : Shine of jewels
  -Submitted by: Divya Jyothi
deepthi (Girl)    Meaning : light (velugu)
  -Submitted by: shyam
deestha (Girl)    Meaning : Persevarance
  -Submitted by: Meghna
devaki (Girl)    Meaning : mother of srikrishna
  -Submitted by: sanjana
Devani (Girl)    Meaning : devani
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
Devasree (Girl)    Meaning : Devasree
  -Submitted by: rama
devi (Girl)    Meaning : devi
  -Submitted by: devi
Devika (Girl)    Meaning : Devika
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
Devima (Girl)    Meaning : shaft
  -Submitted by: iqbalama
Dhairya (Girl)    Meaning : Brave
  -Submitted by: Sudha Rani
dhamarukhi (Girl)    Meaning : drum
  -Submitted by: lokendraprasad
Dhamini (Girl)    Meaning : Dhamini
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
dhanam (Girl)    Meaning : money
  -Submitted by: surekha
dhanika (Girl)    Meaning : wealthfull
  -Submitted by: surekha
Dhanista (Girl)    Meaning : a star
  -Submitted by: Swetha
Dhantraya (Girl)    Meaning : luck she me day
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
Dhanvi (Girl)    Meaning : Money/One armed with bow
  -Submitted by: Satya
Dhanvitha (Girl)    Meaning : dhanvitha
  -Submitted by: sree
dhanya (Girl)    Meaning : dhanya
  -Submitted by: jyothsna
DHANYATHA (Girl)    Meaning : BLESSED
  -Submitted by: GEETA
dhara (Girl)    Meaning : dhara
  -Submitted by: aruna
Dharanai (Girl)    Meaning : Bumatha
  -Submitted by: sahithi reddy
Dharani (Girl)    Meaning : Bhudevi
  -Submitted by: Sreenivas
dharani, mantra (Girl)    Meaning : dharani
  -Submitted by: dharani
dharanya (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: deepti
Dhariyitri (Girl)    Meaning : helpfull
  -Submitted by: surekha
dharmija (Girl)    Meaning : dharmija
  -Submitted by: honey
dharshini (Girl)    Meaning : visible
  -Submitted by: sree
dharsini (Girl)    Meaning : dharsini
  -Submitted by: bala
dhatri (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: sucharita
dhatrija (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: usha
Dhatrisri (Girl)    Meaning : Godeess Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Sathya Sri
dheeksha (Girl)    Meaning : concentration
  -Submitted by: deepthi
Dheeraja (Girl)    Meaning : Patience
  -Submitted by: Meghana
dhishta (Girl)    Meaning : dhishta
  -Submitted by: hima
Dhita (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: priya
dhitya (Girl)    Meaning : dhitya
  -Submitted by: sravanthi
dhiya (Girl)    Meaning : deepa
  -Submitted by: suma
dhristi (Girl)    Meaning : direction
  -Submitted by: sushma
dhrithi (Girl)    Meaning : dhrithi
  -Submitted by: veenasudhakar
dhriti (Girl)    Meaning : courage
  -Submitted by: subhashinipavan
dhruthi (Girl)    Meaning : corage
  -Submitted by: veena
dhruva (Girl)    Meaning : pure
  -Submitted by: venkatesh
Dhwani (Girl)    Meaning : voice
  -Submitted by: Deepa
Dhyavani (Girl)    Meaning : Dhyavani
  -Submitted by: silpa
dia (Girl)    Meaning : Light
  -Submitted by: Meghna
dinah (Girl)    Meaning : dinah
  -Submitted by: shruti
disha (Girl)    Meaning : direction
  -Submitted by: sreema
dishita (Girl)    Meaning : dishita
  -Submitted by: mallik
divija (Girl)    Meaning : brightness
  -Submitted by: madhu
diviya sree (Girl)    Meaning : Divine pure
  -Submitted by: sreenivasa rao
diviya suma (Girl)    Meaning : Divine pure
  -Submitted by: sreenivasa rao
Divya (Girl)    Meaning : Heavenly
  -Submitted by: Gayatri
divya sree (Girl)    Meaning : heavenly
  -Submitted by: babitha
  -Submitted by: NAGA SURESH
DIYA (Girl)    Meaning : DIYA
  -Submitted by: SRIDEVI REDDY
Diya Sharanya (Girl)    Meaning : loves
  -Submitted by: Manikumar
drishitha (Girl)    Meaning : vision
  -Submitted by: g savindla
Drishti (Girl)    Meaning : vision
  -Submitted by: Meghna
Drishya (Girl)    Meaning : Sight
  -Submitted by: Manu
Drithi (Girl)    Meaning : Drithi
  -Submitted by: rushi
Driti (Girl)    Meaning : Driti
  -Submitted by: Srinivas Reddy Nalla
drusya (Girl)    Meaning : choopu
  -Submitted by: chaitu
druthi (Girl)    Meaning : druthi
  -Submitted by: archana
druthy (Girl)    Meaning : no
  -Submitted by: latha
Druvtara (Girl)    Meaning : Bright like a Pole Star
  -Submitted by: Vineela
dwaita (Girl)    Meaning : dwaita
  -Submitted by: sireesha
Dwanali (Girl)    Meaning : dwanali
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
dweepika (Girl)    Meaning : dweepika
  -Submitted by: surekha
dyuthi (Girl)    Meaning : dyuthi
  -Submitted by: sree
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