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Baby names starting with letter B

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BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI (Girl)    Meaning : goddess name
  -Submitted by: Surekha
bandhavya (Girl)    Meaning : effection
  -Submitted by: banu
Bavitha (Girl)    Meaning : Future
  -Submitted by: Gopi B.
Bhagath (Girl)    Meaning : freedom
  -Submitted by: jagadish
bhagavathy Pooja (Girl)    Meaning : bhagavathy Pooja
  -Submitted by: nethrika
Bhagya laxmi (Girl)    Meaning : nome of goddes laxmi
  -Submitted by: 123
bhagyasri (Girl)    Meaning : lakshmi
  -Submitted by: srinivas
BHAKTA (Girl)    Meaning : DEVOTEE
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
bhanuja (Girl)    Meaning : sun
  -Submitted by: mahender
bhanumathi (Girl)    Meaning : wife of god sun /surya
  -Submitted by: bhanu
Bharani (Girl)    Meaning : Light
  -Submitted by: yamini radhika
Bharathi (Girl)    Meaning : Mother land
  -Submitted by: Soujanya
bhargavi (Girl)    Meaning : bhargavi
  -Submitted by: bhanu
bhaswati (Girl)    Meaning : bhaswati
  -Submitted by: surekha
bhava tharini (Girl)    Meaning : bhava tharini
  -Submitted by: srilakshmi
bhavagna (Girl)    Meaning : sivuni gnanam
  -Submitted by: devi
Bhavagnya (Girl)    Meaning : One of name of Godess Lalitha Devi
  -Submitted by: Aparna
Bhavana (Girl)    Meaning : expression,meaning
  -Submitted by: Rajitha
Bhavani (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Kanaka Durga
  -Submitted by: Bhavani
bhavishnavi (Girl)    Meaning : bhavishnavi
  -Submitted by: suresh
Bhavishya (Girl)    Meaning : Future
  -Submitted by: Siri
Bhavitha (Girl)    Meaning : life,future days
  -Submitted by: sree
Bhavya (Girl)    Meaning : Splendid
  -Submitted by: Anitha
Bhavya Sai (Girl)    Meaning : parvathi god
  -Submitted by: sravani
bhavya sree (Girl)    Meaning : splendid
  -Submitted by: babitha
bhindu (Girl)    Meaning : lover
  -Submitted by: ravikumar
Bhiravi (Girl)    Meaning : Bhiravi
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
bhoomika (Girl)    Meaning : charector
  -Submitted by: k.v.rao
bhruthika (Girl)    Meaning : bhruthika
  -Submitted by: mounika reddy
Bhuvana (Girl)    Meaning : the world
  -Submitted by: krish
bhuvana kruthi (Girl)    Meaning : bhuvana kruthi
  -Submitted by: laxmisri
bhuvana sree (Girl)    Meaning : queen of the world
  -Submitted by: k.v.rao
bhuvanakruthi (Girl)    Meaning : bhuvanakruthi
  -Submitted by: sekhar
bhuvaneswari (Girl)    Meaning : bhuvaneswari
  -Submitted by: amreddy
bhuvi (Girl)    Meaning : earth
  -Submitted by: sam
bilvika (Girl)    Meaning : one of the sacred leaves name
  -Submitted by: dr.saritha
Bindhu (Girl)    Meaning : Bindhu
  -Submitted by: SLR
bindu (Girl)    Meaning : dot
  -Submitted by: deepu
BINDU SREE (Girl)    Meaning : DROP
  -Submitted by: VENKAT
Bohagi (Girl)    Meaning : Bohagi
  -Submitted by: Priyanka
brahmani (Girl)    Meaning : brahma+saraswathi
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
Brahmini (Girl)    Meaning : godess
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
brindavani (Girl)    Meaning : brindavani
  -Submitted by: maddy
Briti (Girl)    Meaning : Briti
  -Submitted by: Nirmala
Bruhath (Girl)    Meaning : Bruhath
  -Submitted by: Siri
bruhathi (Girl)    Meaning : bruhathi
  -Submitted by: naveen
BRUNDA (Girl)    Meaning : BRUNDA
  -Submitted by: LATHA
brundaniharini (Girl)    Meaning : brundava niharini
  -Submitted by: raj
bujji (Girl)    Meaning : bangaram
  -Submitted by: prasad
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