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Baby names starting with letter A

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aachitha (Girl)    Meaning : aachitha
  -Submitted by: pavani
aachyutha (Girl)    Meaning : aachyutha
  -Submitted by: swapna praneeth
aadhya (Girl)    Meaning : first in anything
  -Submitted by: asha
aadya (Girl)    Meaning : first power
  -Submitted by: archana
Aahna (Girl)    Meaning : First rays of Sun
  -Submitted by: Deepika.jsn
aakankha (Girl)    Meaning : desire
  -Submitted by: kalyani
aakanksha (Girl)    Meaning : desire
  -Submitted by: bhanu
aakarsha (Girl)    Meaning : attraction
  -Submitted by: aakarsha
Aakruthi (Girl)    Meaning : Aakruthi
  -Submitted by: Archanaren
aalavika (Girl)    Meaning : aalavika
  -Submitted by: pranavi
Aalaya (Girl)    Meaning : pavitramainadhi
  -Submitted by: Sri vidya
aaliya (Girl)    Meaning : aaliya
  -Submitted by: rani
Aamani (Girl)    Meaning : Aamani
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
aamukta (Girl)    Meaning : aamukta
  -Submitted by: suneela
Aanadi (Girl)    Meaning : happyness
  -Submitted by: asmita
Aananadini (Girl)    Meaning : happy girl
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
aanandi (Girl)    Meaning : Alway happy and brings happiness to all around
  -Submitted by: Rama
Aanchal (Girl)    Meaning : aanchal
  -Submitted by: ng
aanya (Girl)    Meaning : aany
  -Submitted by: aanya
aapeksha (Girl)    Meaning : aapeksha
  -Submitted by: aapeksha
Aaradhana (Girl)    Meaning : prayer
  -Submitted by: Yamini Radhika
aaradhya (Girl)    Meaning : belief,respect
  -Submitted by: aishwarya
Aarchi (Girl)    Meaning : Lakshmi
  -Submitted by: Balu
Aarogya (Girl)    Meaning : healthy girl
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
aarushi (Girl)    Meaning : first ray of sun
  -Submitted by: Shreyata
aarvani (Girl)    Meaning : aarvani
  -Submitted by: silpa
Aasha (Girl)    Meaning : Hope.,Desire.,
  -Submitted by: Aasha
Aashika (Girl)    Meaning : Aashika
  -Submitted by: sruthi
aashish (Girl)    Meaning : aashish
  -Submitted by: lisele
Aashita (Girl)    Meaning : One wirh full hope
  -Submitted by: Srividya
aashna (Girl)    Meaning : aasha
  -Submitted by: dinesh
aashreya (Girl)    Meaning : aasherya
  -Submitted by: amulya
aashrita (Girl)    Meaning : who gives aasray/godess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: sridevi
aashritha (Girl)    Meaning : aashritha
  -Submitted by: archana
aasini (Girl)    Meaning : smile
  -Submitted by: nani
aaslesha (Girl)    Meaning : name of star
  -Submitted by: siri
aasritha (Girl)    Meaning : giving protection
  -Submitted by: bhanu
aasritha mandara (Girl)    Meaning : name of lord rama
  -Submitted by: trinadh
aastha (Girl)    Meaning : belief
  -Submitted by: keerthi
aathmeya (Girl)    Meaning : very friendly
  -Submitted by: manasi
Aathmika (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess of light
  -Submitted by: Srilakshmi Yeluri
Aatmaja (Girl)    Meaning : daughter
  -Submitted by: surekha
aayushu (Girl)    Meaning : live long life
  -Submitted by: koteshwar
Abdhija (Girl)    Meaning : nice
  -Submitted by: Surekha
ABHARI (Girl)    Meaning : GREATFUL
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
abheesta (Girl)    Meaning : desire
  -Submitted by: srujana
Abhi (Girl)    Meaning : mean Abhi
  -Submitted by: unknown
abhigna (Girl)    Meaning : lighting
  -Submitted by: padma
abhignya (Girl)    Meaning : abhignya
  -Submitted by: abhignya
abhigya (Girl)    Meaning : abhigya
  -Submitted by: srini
Abhijna (Girl)    Meaning : Brings Very Good name(sanskrit name)
  -Submitted by: Deepthi
abhilasha (Girl)    Meaning : desire
  -Submitted by: uma
abhinaya (Girl)    Meaning : abhinaya
  -Submitted by: sri latha
Abhinetri (Girl)    Meaning : Actoress
  -Submitted by: gsrBVSc
AbhiRami (Girl)    Meaning : AbhiRami
  -Submitted by: bahnu
Abhirati (Girl)    Meaning : happy girl
  -Submitted by: surekha
abhisarika (Girl)    Meaning : abhisarika
  -Submitted by: uma
Abhivarna (Girl)    Meaning : Explain
  -Submitted by: Jag
Abhnitha (Girl)    Meaning : I dont know
  -Submitted by: satya
Abisha (Girl)    Meaning : gift of God
  -Submitted by: Prerana
ABNI (Girl)    Meaning : ABNI
  -Submitted by: uma
achyuta (Girl)    Meaning : achyuta
  -Submitted by: indestructible
ada (Girl)    Meaning : roopam
  -Submitted by: mani
ADBUTHA (Girl)    Meaning : MARVELOUS
  -Submitted by: SRESHTA
adhitri (Girl)    Meaning : adhitri
  -Submitted by: harikrishna
adhoksha (Girl)    Meaning : one desire
  -Submitted by: soundarya
adhya (Girl)    Meaning : adhya
  -Submitted by: srilaxmi
aditi (Girl)    Meaning : aditi
  -Submitted by: lavanya
aditri (Girl)    Meaning : goddess lakshmi
  -Submitted by: sarvani
aditya sri (Girl)    Meaning : aditya sri
  -Submitted by: Reddy
Adrija (Girl)    Meaning : Adrija
  -Submitted by: Srinivas Reddy Nalla
adusha (Girl)    Meaning : pinki
  -Submitted by: adusha
advaith (Girl)    Meaning : unique
  -Submitted by: shyamala
Advaitha (Girl)    Meaning : Advaitha
  -Submitted by: Snehalata
advayitha (Girl)    Meaning : unperishable
  -Submitted by: sri
advika (Girl)    Meaning : unique
  -Submitted by: bhanu
Advithi (Girl)    Meaning : advithi
  -Submitted by: rekha
ADWITI (Girl)    Meaning : great
  -Submitted by: mrudula .A
Afreen (Girl)    Meaning : Beatiful
  -Submitted by: Nisar
agasya (Girl)    Meaning : name of a maharshi
  -Submitted by: sudhish kumar
agnes (Girl)    Meaning : blessing
  -Submitted by: manju
agneshika (Girl)    Meaning : agneshika
  -Submitted by: sravani vijay kumar
agraja (Girl)    Meaning : first
  -Submitted by: jayanthi
ahalya (Girl)    Meaning : stone
  -Submitted by: ramana
Ahana (Girl)    Meaning : Inner Light
  -Submitted by: Rijutha
Ahilya (Girl)    Meaning : Without any deformation; Wife of Gautam Rishi, A woman who was saved by Lord Rama
  -Submitted by: Surekha
ahladitha (Girl)    Meaning : allways happy
  -Submitted by:
Ahna (Girl)    Meaning : happy
  -Submitted by: sowjanyabhimaraju
AHRUTHI (Girl)    Meaning : AHRUTHI
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Aisha (Girl)    Meaning : One of the name of Goddess Durga
  -Submitted by: ROHINI
aishani (Girl)    Meaning : one names among lalitha sahasra namaalu,godess
  -Submitted by: swapna
aishini (Girl)    Meaning : aishini
  -Submitted by: grandi naga prasad
AISHITA (Girl)    Meaning : AISHITA
  -Submitted by: CHITRANI
Aishnia (Girl)    Meaning : Aishwarya
  -Submitted by: Haritha
aishwarya (Girl)    Meaning : aishwarya
  -Submitted by: chandrakala
aishya (Girl)    Meaning : Spring
  -Submitted by: Sushma
Aiyana (Girl)    Meaning : Forever Flowering
  -Submitted by: sri
Ajeeta (Girl)    Meaning : Winner
  -Submitted by: Riya
ajitha (Girl)    Meaning : winner
  -Submitted by: hari
akanksha (Girl)    Meaning : desire
  -Submitted by: sowmya
akanshitha (Girl)    Meaning : Desire
  -Submitted by: sarita
Akarsha (Girl)    Meaning : Akarsha
  -Submitted by: suneetha sreeram
Akhila (Girl)    Meaning : Akhila
  -Submitted by: srilatha
akriti (Girl)    Meaning : attractive
  -Submitted by: Surekha
AKRUTHI (Girl)    Meaning : ATTRACTIVE
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
akshadha (Girl)    Meaning : gods blessings
  -Submitted by: ashwini raj (amrutha)
Akshara (Girl)    Meaning : King of letters,indestructible
  -Submitted by: Madhavi
akshata (Girl)    Meaning : undestructable
  -Submitted by: prameela
akshatha (Girl)    Meaning : rice
  -Submitted by: amaravathi
Akshaya (Girl)    Meaning : Akshaya
  -Submitted by: mai
akshaya dhatri (Girl)    Meaning : indestructible
  -Submitted by: suresh
Akshaya vardhini (Girl)    Meaning : Akshaya vardhini
  -Submitted by: kumar
Akshayasri (Girl)    Meaning : Indestructable
  -Submitted by: Suneetha
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Akshita (Girl)    Meaning : Akshita
  -Submitted by: Surya
akshitha (Girl)    Meaning : akshitha
  -Submitted by: archana
akshya (Girl)    Meaning : akshya
  -Submitted by: srivani
akula (Girl)    Meaning : akula
  -Submitted by: srivani
ala (Girl)    Meaning : ala
  -Submitted by: anuradha
alakya (Girl)    Meaning : alakya
  -Submitted by: vijetha
Alamelu (Girl)    Meaning : Alamelu
  -Submitted by: Rajan
alankrita (Girl)    Meaning : decorative
  -Submitted by: sneha
Alankritha (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful girl
  -Submitted by: NVN999
Alekhya (Girl)    Meaning : cannot b written
  -Submitted by: Rajee
alekya (Girl)    Meaning : good letter
  -Submitted by: kalyani
alekya deepthi (Girl)    Meaning : alekya deepthi
  -Submitted by: alekya
alisha (Girl)    Meaning : alisha
  -Submitted by: rani
Alishanjali (Girl)    Meaning : alishanjali
  -Submitted by: harika
Aliya (Girl)    Meaning : High
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Aloka (Girl)    Meaning : wide
  -Submitted by: Surekha
ALOKI (Girl)    Meaning : BRIGHTNESS
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Alyonka (Girl)    Meaning : beauty peasant attraction
  -Submitted by: kumarraju
amanra (Girl)    Meaning : amanra
  -Submitted by: swapna praneeth
Amarapaali (Girl)    Meaning : sweet girl with long life
  -Submitted by: surekha
amaravani (Girl)    Meaning : godess saraswathi
  -Submitted by: anusha
amaravathi (Girl)    Meaning : amaravathi
  -Submitted by: amaravathi
Ambica (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Name
  -Submitted by: Polury Raghavendra Sai
Ambika (Girl)    Meaning : Godess Mata Dugra
  -Submitted by: RajAryan
AMBUJA (Girl)    Meaning : ENERGETIC
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
ameesha (Girl)    Meaning : ameesha
  -Submitted by: kavithareddy
ami (Girl)    Meaning : amrit
  -Submitted by: kaya
Amisha (Girl)    Meaning : Amisha
  -Submitted by: parvathi
Amita (Girl)    Meaning : more
  -Submitted by: Swapna
amitha (Girl)    Meaning : excess
  -Submitted by: manasa
ammulu (Girl)    Meaning : pet name
  -Submitted by: koushick
Amneet (Girl)    Meaning : Believe in peace
  -Submitted by: Gurjit
amoda (Girl)    Meaning : amoda
  -Submitted by: rama
Amogha (Girl)    Meaning : durga name in vishnu sahasranam
  -Submitted by: xyz
amoghnya (Girl)    Meaning : amoghnya
  -Submitted by: surekha
amoolya (Girl)    Meaning : precious
  -Submitted by: shankar
Amreen (Girl)    Meaning : Amreen
  -Submitted by: Amreen
amrita (Girl)    Meaning : the delightfull melody
  -Submitted by: hamsa
Amritha (Girl)    Meaning : Amritha
  -Submitted by: kiran polineni
amriti (Girl)    Meaning : amriti
  -Submitted by: priya
amrutha (Girl)    Meaning : amrutham
  -Submitted by: sucharita
amrutha valli (Girl)    Meaning : amrutha valli
  -Submitted by: saru
amrutha vani (Girl)    Meaning : amrutha vani
  -Submitted by: amrutha vani
amuda (Girl)    Meaning : amuda
  -Submitted by: neelima
amukta (Girl)    Meaning : precious
  -Submitted by: sri
amuktha malyada (Girl)    Meaning : godha devi
  -Submitted by: praneetha
amuktha malyadha (Girl)    Meaning : a word in molla ramayanam
  -Submitted by: swathi kishore
Amulya (Girl)    Meaning : Precious
  -Submitted by: Jagathi
amulyaa (Girl)    Meaning : very precious
  -Submitted by: vandu
Anagha (Girl)    Meaning : goddess lakshmi/ infallible
  -Submitted by: madhuri
anamika (Girl)    Meaning : nameless
  -Submitted by: vanitha
ANAMITRA (Girl)    Meaning : THE SUN
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Ananda (Girl)    Meaning : gives happyness to everyone
  -Submitted by: mahathi
ananda sai sri (Girl)    Meaning : 09
  -Submitted by: ananda sai sri
Anandhi (Girl)    Meaning : Full of Happiness
  -Submitted by: Anandhi Sethu
anandita (Girl)    Meaning : anandita
  -Submitted by: ultimate bliss
anantha (Girl)    Meaning : sarvam
  -Submitted by: sunil
ANANTI (Girl)    Meaning : GIFT
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Ananya (Girl)    Meaning : Matchless
  -Submitted by: Vandana
anasuya (Girl)    Meaning : anasuya
  -Submitted by: anasuya
anathi (Girl)    Meaning : anathi
  -Submitted by: surekha
anava (Girl)    Meaning : anava
  -Submitted by: bhavani
anavika (Girl)    Meaning : anavika
  -Submitted by: vamsee
Ancika (Girl)    Meaning : Beautiful, Graceful
  -Submitted by: Kris
Andal (Girl)    Meaning : Wife of Lord Sri Krishna
  -Submitted by: krishnarao
aneesha (Girl)    Meaning : aneesha
  -Submitted by: bcd
ANGARIKA (Girl)    Meaning : FLOWER
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
Aniha (Girl)    Meaning : Indifferent
  -Submitted by: Srividya
anika (Girl)    Meaning : anika
  -Submitted by: sri
Anilaja (Girl)    Meaning : related to God
  -Submitted by: Sudharshan Reddy
animisha (Girl)    Meaning : no blinking of the eyes
  -Submitted by: lakshmi
anisa (Girl)    Meaning : joy n pleasure
  -Submitted by: sumana
Anisha (Girl)    Meaning : Anisha
  -Submitted by: Vandana
anita (Girl)    Meaning : andham
  -Submitted by: anita
ANITHA (Girl)    Meaning : ANITHA
  -Submitted by: ANITHA
Aniya (Girl)    Meaning : Creative
  -Submitted by: Srividya
anjali (Girl)    Meaning : anjali
  -Submitted by: anjali
anjana (Girl)    Meaning : anjana
  -Submitted by: sravya
Anjani (Girl)    Meaning : Anjani
  -Submitted by: vasudha
anju (Girl)    Meaning : anju
  -Submitted by: raju
Ankita (Girl)    Meaning : Empress,Conququeress,with auspicious marks
  -Submitted by: Srividya
ankitha (Girl)    Meaning : ankitha
  -Submitted by: jyothi
annapoorna (Girl)    Meaning : name of lord symbol for food (rice)
  -Submitted by: santhi
annapurna (Girl)    Meaning : godess parvathi
  -Submitted by: ramu
Annika (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Durga
  -Submitted by: saritha
annula (Girl)    Meaning : annula
  -Submitted by: sindhu
anoohya (Girl)    Meaning : anoohya
  -Submitted by: sree
anouska (Girl)    Meaning : anouska
  -Submitted by: Ramya
Ansha (Girl)    Meaning : Portion
  -Submitted by: Sailaja
ANSHIKA (Girl)    Meaning : Minute Particle
  -Submitted by: sowjanya
ansho (Girl)    Meaning : ansho
  -Submitted by: amisha
anshu (Girl)    Meaning : sun
  -Submitted by: manasa
Anshu Gopika (Girl)    Meaning : sweet girl
  -Submitted by: koti
ANTARA (Girl)    Meaning : GODESS
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
anu (Girl)    Meaning : anu
  -Submitted by: anupama
Anu Rupa (Girl)    Meaning : Anu Rupa
  -Submitted by: Rajesh K
Anu Sree (Girl)    Meaning : Anu Sree
  -Submitted by: veena
Anugna (Girl)    Meaning : Anugna
  -Submitted by: Archanaren
Anuhya (Girl)    Meaning : Unexpected but very precious
  -Submitted by: Mamtabhi
Anuja (Girl)    Meaning : Anuja
  -Submitted by: veena reddy
anukruthi (Girl)    Meaning : prarthinchatam
  -Submitted by: mm
anunita (Girl)    Meaning : new
  -Submitted by: anunita
anupama (Girl)    Meaning : anupama
  -Submitted by: anupama
Anuradha (Girl)    Meaning : Anuradha
  -Submitted by: Anuradha
ANURITA (Girl)    Meaning : ANURITA
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
anusha (Girl)    Meaning : anusha
  -Submitted by: jayapradha
anushka (Girl)    Meaning : anushka
  -Submitted by: shwetha amarnath
anushvi (Girl)    Meaning : anushvi
  -Submitted by: madhavi varaganti
Anuska (Girl)    Meaning : Anuska
  -Submitted by: kiran polineni
Anusruthi (Girl)    Meaning : person who follows rules of nature
  -Submitted by: Anu Sruthi
anvesha (Girl)    Meaning : to search
  -Submitted by: anvesha
anvi (Girl)    Meaning : anvi
  -Submitted by: tejaswi
anvita (Girl)    Meaning : anvita
  -Submitted by: bunz
Anvitha (Girl)    Meaning : one who bridges the gap
  -Submitted by: Silpa
Anwita (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Durga
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Anwitha (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Durga
  -Submitted by: Srividya
anya (Girl)    Meaning : anya
  -Submitted by: anya
Aparaajitha (Girl)    Meaning : Parajayamu lenidi (Lalitha)
  -Submitted by: Valli
aparajitha (Girl)    Meaning : aparajitha
  -Submitted by: vasu
aparanji (Girl)    Meaning : beautiful
  -Submitted by: tejaswi
Aparanjitha (Girl)    Meaning : sss
  -Submitted by: rrrrrr
Aparna (Girl)    Meaning : Goddess Parvathi
  -Submitted by: Aparna
Apeksha (Girl)    Meaning : Willingness
  -Submitted by: sri
Apoorva (Girl)    Meaning : Great
  -Submitted by: Mohana
Apoorva/Apurva (Girl)    Meaning : Unique
  -Submitted by: Srividya
apoorwa (Girl)    Meaning : precious
  -Submitted by: suneela
Apurva (Girl)    Meaning : apurvamina
  -Submitted by: chandra
aradhana (Girl)    Meaning : pure love
  -Submitted by: SiyA
araha (Girl)    Meaning : guiding star
  -Submitted by: deepti
Aravinda (Girl)    Meaning : Lotus
  -Submitted by: Aravinda
Archana (Girl)    Meaning : Archana
  -Submitted by: Kavitha
Archisha (Girl)    Meaning : A ray of light
  -Submitted by: Srini Kancha
Archita (Girl)    Meaning : One who is Worshipped
  -Submitted by: Jyotika
Architha (Girl)    Meaning : Architha
  -Submitted by: Kavitha
arika (Girl)    Meaning : water lilly
  -Submitted by: rani
aritha (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi
  -Submitted by: harshini
armili (Girl)    Meaning : affectionate or dear
  -Submitted by: Ravi Kiran Kondreddy
Arpana (Girl)    Meaning : Offering
  -Submitted by: Arpana
Arpita (Girl)    Meaning : Dedicated
  -Submitted by: Srividya
Arpitha (Girl)    Meaning : Arpitha
  -Submitted by: Sai
Arshia (Girl)    Meaning : Heavenly
  -Submitted by: jyoti
arshitha (Girl)    Meaning : arshitha
  -Submitted by: soumya
Arthi (Girl)    Meaning : arthi
  -Submitted by: bindu
ARTHIKA (Girl)    Meaning : MONEY
  -Submitted by: ARTHIKA
arula (Girl)    Meaning : floeing water
  -Submitted by: gopi
aruna (Girl)    Meaning : morning
  -Submitted by: vanitha
arundhati (Girl)    Meaning : star
  -Submitted by: sailaja
arunima (Girl)    Meaning : sunrays
  -Submitted by: uma
arushree (Girl)    Meaning : arushree
  -Submitted by: arun
Asha (Girl)    Meaning : Desire
  -Submitted by: Aparna
asha deepthi (Girl)    Meaning : dont know
  -Submitted by: asha deepthi
Ashi (Girl)    Meaning : Smile
  -Submitted by: Ramya
Ashika (Girl)    Meaning : Person Without Sorrows
  -Submitted by: Srividya
ashita (Girl)    Meaning : river yamuna
  -Submitted by: ashita
Ashitha (Girl)    Meaning : Ashitha
  -Submitted by: Satish
ashlesha (Girl)    Meaning : star
  -Submitted by: Archana
ashleya (Girl)    Meaning : telugu birth star
  -Submitted by: lavy
ashmitha (Girl)    Meaning : ashmitha
  -Submitted by: padma
Ashmitha Rao (Girl)    Meaning : Rock Born, very hard and strong
  -Submitted by: Siddhu Rao
Ashmitha Reddy (Girl)    Meaning : Ashmitha Reddy
  -Submitted by: MrsVaralakshmi Surendhra
ashna (Girl)    Meaning : princesses name
  -Submitted by: sadhana
Ashraya (Girl)    Meaning : Ashraya
  -Submitted by: Parm
ashreen (Girl)    Meaning : ashreen
  -Submitted by: parvez
Ashreya (Girl)    Meaning : one who gives shelter
  -Submitted by: Ajay
Ashrita (Girl)    Meaning : Protected By God
  -Submitted by: Srividya
ashrith (Girl)    Meaning : ashrith
  -Submitted by: kavitha
ashritha (Girl)    Meaning : ashritha
  -Submitted by: kavitha
Ashrithaa (Girl)    Meaning : laxshmi devi
  -Submitted by: ramya
ashrithi (Girl)    Meaning : ashrithi
  -Submitted by: seema
Ashwika (Girl)    Meaning : Santoshi Goddess
  -Submitted by: Srividya
ashwitha (Girl)    Meaning : ashwitha
  -Submitted by: swathi
Asin (Girl)    Meaning : Pure, Its also symbolizes the morden Indian who is a combination of the eastern and the western culture.
  -Submitted by: Veni (taken from AsinOnline.Com)
asini (Girl)    Meaning : asini
  -Submitted by: bhargavi
aslesha (Girl)    Meaning : aslesha
  -Submitted by: ramu
asmitha (Girl)    Meaning : asmitha
  -Submitted by: jaya
asritha (Girl)    Meaning : asritha
  -Submitted by: latha
aswathi (Girl)    Meaning : aswathi
  -Submitted by: surekha
Aswini (Girl)    Meaning : Horse
  -Submitted by: ash
athidi (Girl)    Meaning : guest
  -Submitted by: gvrraju
ATREYI (Girl)    Meaning : RIVER
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
audarya (Girl)    Meaning : divine beauty
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
aurya (Girl)    Meaning : divine light
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
authulita (Girl)    Meaning : infinte
  -Submitted by: santhi
autulita (Girl)    Meaning : infinte
  -Submitted by: santhi
avaani (Girl)    Meaning : avaani
  -Submitted by: suma
avadhi (Girl)    Meaning : boundary
  -Submitted by: malini
avalika (Girl)    Meaning : avalika
  -Submitted by: saritha ponugoti
Avani (Girl)    Meaning : Earth (which has great patience)
  -Submitted by: Vikramarka
avanija (Girl)    Meaning : goddess sita
  -Submitted by: uma
avanitha (Girl)    Meaning : golden girl
  -Submitted by: saritha ponugoti
avanthi (Girl)    Meaning : avanthi
  -Submitted by: Silpa
avanthika (Girl)    Meaning : avanthika
  -Submitted by: uma
avantika (Girl)    Meaning : avantika
  -Submitted by: Ashwini
Avigna (Girl)    Meaning : No Obstacle
  -Submitted by: bindu
Avika (Girl)    Meaning : Avika
  -Submitted by: KBS
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
avyekta (Girl)    Meaning : avyekta
  -Submitted by: surekha
  -Submitted by: SUREKHA
awani (Girl)    Meaning : bhumi
  -Submitted by: priyanka
ayana (Girl)    Meaning : Precious gift of god
  -Submitted by: sai
Ayathi (Girl)    Meaning : Royal
  -Submitted by: RamaKrishna
ayithi (Girl)    Meaning : one of the name of godess lalitha
  -Submitted by: archana
Ayushi (Girl)    Meaning : long life
  -Submitted by: sree
ayusri (Girl)    Meaning : laxmi with long life
  -Submitted by: akshadha(apple)
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